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Start Online Shop With WordPress

Postby skysnap » 10 Jan 2017, 08:06

WordPress is one of the popular CMS out there being used for blogging and E-commerce. Creating shop and selling stuff online is turning out to be a good business. However without WordPress is not n easy way to shop online. Here are some of the ways you can start your own shop with WordPress.


This plugin is very popular for those who wish to open a store with WordPress. The plugin helps you setup the products, payment gateway and user product management. So once you add the plugin to the wordpress. You can add the products. Set the price. And then connect the payment gateway. This makes it easier for you to get paid after selling the product. It can also store the user data in your system for you. As that helps for tracking the shipping and other options. This is a good option for those who are selling the physical goods online.

Easy Digital Downloads

This is another plugin with WordPress. And this plugin helps you sell digital downloads on your own site. This can also take the payment and process it automatically. So you don't have to manually give the user link to downloads. Most of the users prefer this sort of automation. There are also some of the options that include invoice and discount codes. In short this is one of those simple plugins that makes it easier to sell stuff online. For those selling digital files and subscription this is a very good system.

Simple WPCommerce

This is another plugin from iThemes. This plugin has simialr functionality like Woocommerce. It can do the physical product and shipping for you. Everything automatic, take the orders and then send the product to shipment. That's all you have to do. Easy to add the content to the WordPress blog. All you need is choose a good WP theme and set up the product. And from there onwards all you have to do is get into marketing. It integrates with many payment gateway, which makes it easier for you to manage.

Gravity Forms Checkout

Gravity forms are known for simple to use. And they can be used for the payments too. And forms checkout system can be used for accepting product orders online. Though system is easy, but it requires some effort of setting up. For example, gravity forms can setup the payment gateways of various types. But the invoice, and other automation needs to be setup. For anyone new to the WordPress, it's not easy for them to use this plugin though. But it is worth trying this.


This is one of the alternative to the Woocommerce. It has all the features of woocommerce plus more. But the learning curve seems to be hard. And you require a lot of efforts to setup the essential. And once setup, things are pretty much easy from there onwards. You can add reviews, invoice and payment gateway. The payment gateway options are a bit limited as of now. But you can get it done from external developer. And that should get the work done too.

When it comes to setting up shop, there are plenty of plugins available. All you need to do from there onwards is find a good plugin such as listed above. And set it up with your products. Once setup all you have to do is market your shop.
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