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ForumCoin is an online community where you earn ForumCoin for making posts and for referring other members. You can use the ForumCoin virtual currency to buy and sell goods and services and to exchange for traditional currencies. Find out more!

Hello Anonymous!

While we try to keep this site simple to understand and use, there may be a few questions you have. Please check the most common questions below which might be just what you are looking for!

About the site General Queries Exchanging ForumCoin Account Related Questions
About the site

What is ForumCoin?
 ForumCoin is an online community where you earn ForumCoin for making posts and for referring other members. You can use the ForumCoin virtual currency to buy and sell goods and services and to exchange for traditional currencies.

Our objective is to become a new world currency, that you can use to purchase anything from apples to zoo tickets.

Where can I find out more about ForumCoin?
 You can read more about ForumCoin on our "About" page.

Is ForumCoin a scam?
 No! We have alot of happy members here who have earned from posting on our forum. You can see proof from our members in our "Payment and Gift Confirmations" topic. We understand that a lot of sites appear stop paying or disappear overnight but we are not like them. ForumCoin was born in September 2012 and launched on the 30th of August 2013 and have been rewarding our users for the past 2+ years.

General Queries

How to earn ForumCoin?
 You can earn ForumCoin by providing products and services to our members in our ForumCoin Classifieds & Exchanges forum section.
Earn up to 150 ForumCoin for posting an article in our Articles and Tutorials section
You also earn ForumCoin by posting on our forums. Our current rates are as follows;

  • General Chat - Off Topic: 1.0 ForumCoin per topic and per post
  • CGT - Computers, Gaming & Technology : 1.0 ForumCoin per topic and per post
  • Webmaster Questions, Discussion & News: 1.5 ForumCoin per topic and per post
  • Business, Money & Wealth - BMW Forum: 1.5 ForumCoin per topic and per post
  • New Member Introductions: 1.5 ForumCoin per topic and 1 ForumCoin per post
  • Articles & Tutorials: Up to 150 ForumCoin per topic and 1 ForumCoin per post
  • Posts in other forum sections also reward ForumCoin, but in smaller amounts, generally 0.25 to 2 ForumCoin per post and per topic.

You earn 25 Forum Coin for every active member you refer to the forum. To count as a referral the member referred must have made at least 20 posts on our forum. Please click here to get your referral link.

How to be successful in earning from posting?
 The most successful way to earn from posting is to make high quality and helpful posts. These are posts that are on topic, a decent length, adds positively to the discussion and isn't copied/stolen from other users or forums. Please click here to read what makes a worthwhile post so you can avoid your posts being deleted, warning and fines.

What are the rules of ForumCoin?
 Our rules are very important if you want to earn on ForumCoin. Please click here to view our boardwide rules and guidelines.

Why is there a limit on the posts we can make daily?
 We do not actually limit the number of posts you can make. Each day, you will ForumCoin from every post you make, however, we pay more for the first ten posts you make in any one day. Posts beyond the first ten you make that day will currently earn you 20% of the usual post rate for that section. You can always view the current number of posts you have made so far that day by viewing the total in the top right of the forum. Hovering your mouse over the question mark icon will show you the daily limit and the current server time so you will know when the daily post count will reset back to zero.

I have lost some ForumCoin?
 Don't panic! If you have only lost a small amount of ForumCoin then it is usually down to one or more of your posts being deleted or a topic where you posted being deleted. When a post is removed for whatever reason, the ForumCoin you earned is removed as well. Users may also lose ForumCoin for posting in incorrect forums repeatedly or for posting in a section where they earn ForumCoin rather than a section where they should lose ForumCoin. An example of this is posting an advert in a section other than the "Other Member Ads & Promotion" section. Posts in the "Other Member Ads & Promotion" do remove 10 ForumCoin from your account as mentioned in the rules topic in that section. Trying to avoid this charge by posting elsewhere will result in the topic being moved and an amount of ForumCoin removed by us. User can also spend their ForumCoin on services such as advertising, donations to other users and can lose ForumCoin for receiving official board warning for serious breaches of our rules.

Why are my topics always shown as "Old"?
 Don't worry, we have nothing against you! The new and old identifiers are exclusive to each individual user. "New" means that there are posts in that topic that YOU have not read yet and Old means that you have viewed that topic and have read everything and there are no new posts since that time. When you post, you know what you have posted and should have read everything posted before your reply so therefore there is nothing new to read so it shows to you as "Old". Other users will see it as "New" until they read it.

What is "Reputation"?
 We utilise a "reputation" type system on ForumCoin as a way to allow other users and us to see how well your contribute to ForumCoin. All posts include a "thumbs up" and a "thumbs down" icon at the bottom right. This allows all registered members to rate the post as good or bad. The post will then be given a score based on the ratings of the user. Every "thumbs up" results in the post score going up by 1 and every "thumbs down" means that the score decreases by 1. These scores of all posts by each user then creates an overall reputation score for that user that is visible both on your profile and under your username and avatar beside every post you make. All users are able to see your reputation score and can use this to judge if you overall contribute positively or negatively to ForumCoin.

Exchanging ForumCoin

Exchanging ForumCoin with other users?
 You can exchange ForumCoin with other users in our ForumCoin Classifieds & Exchanges forum. You can buy and sell anything (legal!) in exchange for ForumCoin. This can be physical items, virtual or even services such as hosting. This can be a great way to ear some extra ForumCoin or to get something for a great price. Please note that exchanges are done at the users own risk.

What are official offers?
 Official offers are offers provided by us which allows users to exchange forumcoin for various other services or items. Our members are able to obtain the following official offers:

Details on how to redeem and the requirement can be found by clicking the above links.

How can I withdraw to PayPal?
 Exchanging ForumCoin for PayPal money is one of the most common official offers we offer on ForumCoin. Making a request is simple. Just send your PayPal address to Fergal via PM and if you have the required ForumCoin and your account passes our anti-cheat checks then your payment will be sent out within 72 hours. Usually payments will be sent sooner.

Read more about redeeming via PayPal

How long does it take for me to receive my payment/domain?
 We aim to send payments, Amazon gift certificates or domains within 72 hours. Usually it is within 48 hours. Please be aware that all requests are handled manually and all accounts undergo anti-cheat checks and at times of a high number of requests, it may take a little longer. Please do not enquire about the status of your payment until at least 3 FULL days have passed as this will just waste our time and delay payments further.

Can I see any proof of payments?
 Certainly! You can see proof from our members in our "Payment and Gift Confirmations" topic.

Account Related Questions

Can I have more than 1 account?
 No! You are only allowed one account per person and per household. If this rule is broken expect 1 or both accounts to be suspended at our discretion. This is strictly enforced in order to protect our site from malicious users who abuse what we offer and try to cheat.

Can I use a Proxy or VPN?
 No! While we understand some people use them from innocent reasons such as to protect their privacy, alot of people also use them to set up multiple account and to get around geographic restrictions. This is why we do not allow them. If you use a proxy or VPN to register, login or post, your account will be banned.

Can a member of my household join up aswell?
 Unfortunately at this moment we only allow one account per household. This is in order to protect us from people who set up multiple account claiming they are family members. Family members and friends can sign up if they have a different internet connection and laptop/PC.

Why was I banned?
 There is no easy answer to this as accounts are banned for many reasons. The most common reasons are for setting up multiple accounts or for posting low quality posts repeatedly on the forum. If you are genuinely unsure of the reasons of your ban then you may contact us at fergalposts [at] gmail [dot] com.

How can I add a signature?
 Signatures are disabled by default however you can pay ForumCoin in order to activate the signature for your account. You can read more information and see the current price in our official offers forum.

Where can I find the general phpBB FAQ?
 You can find the faq for the forum software we run (phpBB3) HERE. This will contain information on the basic functionality of the forum and how to use certain features on the forum such as BBcodes and avatars.

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