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Submitting Your Article Guidelines - Updated 27 Nov 2018

Postby Fergal » 15 Oct 2016, 15:27

Getting Paid for your Article
You can earn up to 150 ForumCoin for posting your article or tutorial in this section. You will receive 50 ForumCoin when you first post your article, if your article topic receives at least 20 replies and at least 300 views, we will pay you an additional 100 ForumCoin, bringing the total payment to 150 ForumCoin.

Article Guidelines
  1. Each article submitted must contain at least five paragraphs and preferably at least 500 words
  2. Your article should include detailed and helpful information. Your article should include a "takeaway" that the reader can use to change behaviour and improve
  3. This section is NOT for time sensitive content such as news stories, reviews, short opinion or factual pieces
  4. The article / topic title should make it clear what the article is about and how it will help the reader
  5. Where appropriate, your article should include relevant images, videos, bold text headings, etc, to help with the readability and clarity
  6. Your article must be readable and of a reasonable standard of English, with good spelling and grammar
  7. We suggest that you check the Readability Score of your article before submitting it
  8. Submitted articles must be original and not copies of content published elsewhere
  9. Once you publish an article on ForumCoin you relinquish copyright to ForumCoin and hence you must not publish it elsewhere
  10. Please remember that ForumCoin is a family friendly community
  11. As ForumCoin is a community site we ask that you reply to questions posted in response to your articles
  12. We do NOT allow articles on PTC, PTR or other forms of Incentivized traffic
  13. Please post a max of one article every 48 hours.

Topics Accepted
  • Technology
  • Making Money Online
  • Business
  • Personal Finance
  • Self Improvement
Articles on topics not included in the list above, will be moved to a more appropriate forum section.

Examples of Good Quality Articles
Please view these articles as an example of our quality standards

We reserve the right to remove and / or close any article that does not meet our guidelines or for any other reason deemed appropriate. In the event that we remove an article any payment received for that article will be removed from your ForumCoin balance.
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