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I am unable to understand this!

Postby suny » 09 Jun 2019, 06:32

Is it some kind of glitch or am I missing something? I mean how is that possible a comment posted few minutes before is showing in between older and newer posts? Vheck it-
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Re: I am unable to understand this!

Postby CyberFreak » 09 Jun 2019, 07:59

It is because the topic in it's new location was replied to but the shadow topic (while showing the correct last post information) isn't order like the other topics in date order as that shadow topic is just there for informational reasons for users looking for that topic. Once people know it is moved, the shadow topic has done it's job and naturally drops out of the first page. If the shadow topic was sorted like the other topics in date order, it would take alot longer to disappear even after it has served it's purpose and will get in the way of the other topics in that section that should be there.
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