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10 FC to join Bitlanders - closed

Postby sofs » 16 Mar 2019, 06:17

I am willing to pay you 10 FC's and guide you initially for signing up and working on Bitlanders. Some People there earn up to $8 per day I have been there for two months now and I have been on the leader board for a few weeks now. It isn't very easy but it isn't hard either if you could write one article a week which is approved.

I need one referral a day so please post on this thread if you are interested. I'll let you know when to join.

Please click on my link join

Post a few microblogs (2-3) on your wall. Anything is fine. 10 -15 words like FB satus.

Let me know your user name and I'll pay you the 10 Fc's right away.'

I will help you initially to get along on the site. Please only PM for help do not post on this thread.

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