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Hank love playing video games

Postby Ggemezz98 » 14 Feb 2019, 10:41

hi my name is Michael Hank and my username is ggemezz98 I just joined the group hope we can be friends and I love playing video games.
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Re: Hank love playing video games

Postby KyushuKris » 14 Feb 2019, 14:45

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Re: Hank love playing video games

Postby Tendz » 15 Feb 2019, 20:12

Hi Michael! :wave: Glad to meet you. I'm sure you'll learn great new things here and love it as much as I do. Enjoy!
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Re: Hank love playing video games

Postby talkerbee » Yesterday, 06:26

Hey, Michael! How are you? What do you do aside from playing video games? Is it online money games? We're glad if you share your video games experience.

Happy to have you here in the community! Welcome here. :wave:
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Re: Hank love playing video games

Postby Allius » Today, 19:29

Hi Michael!
Welcome to Forum Coin :)
If you like video games you are at home ;) Video games are one of my favorite subjects here...
Hope you like our community!
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