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Useful websites for online English teachers

Postby fergus1234 » 14 Feb 2019, 09:34

These websites are important for every aspiring online English teachers. If you know how to use these websites and you bookmarked them to your browser, Your daily routine will be easier. Whenever I am booking classes I always prepare these websites on my tabs. I clear my caches though before starting so my browser will not lag and freeze. I hope this article will be useful for all Aspiring online English teachers. I think some of these websites might be useful for some of you who wanted a different career because you can use these useful sites for other purposes.


You can access snaggy at

One of your task while doing your classes is to provide a link to a call log. A call log is basically a screenshot of your skype call. You are required to provide a call log of every classes you made because it is the evidence that you did a class. It is also an evidence if the student didn't show up in the class. Usually to use snaggy you will push the printscreen key of your keyboard.

Here is a picture:

You will go to snaggy and push ctrl key + V

After that you will a screenshot. I am sure sure even people who are not English teachers can use snaggy because it is the fastest way to upload a picture without the need of registration to a site or typing an annoying captcha.
I made an article about snaggy before,


That will give you more information.

2.Speed test

Another responsibility you have is to provide speed test of your internet connection. Here is the screenshot of me providing the call log and speed test of my finished class. When you go to speedtest, you will test a the speed of your internet connection to the country of your student. You need this as an evidence just in case your internet connection became slow and you need an evidence to defend yourself from a student complaint.

Here is a cheat tip, rather than boring my self to death making a speed test before every other class, I just make 10 speed test in a row and hoard their links on a microsoft notepad. These mass collected speed tests makes me routine faster. I only do manual afterclass speed test if I encountered slow internet and glitch during the class. If your speed on your classes is okay and there is no complaint, they won't bother checking your speed test at all.

3. The website of the school you work for
- You needed to master navigating the website of the school you are working for. That is where you get your materials for classes so you need to know where to go if a student ask for a certain lesson. I bookmarked the official websites of the school I work for and I also booked marked the most used materials.

4.Learner's dictionary= This website have 2 uses for an online English teacher.
Usually after the classes you need to provide vocabularies for the student.
If this is a class that uses materials, it is very easy to provide because you just simply copy paste the vocabularies provided by the materials like the screenshot below.
It's easy because you will just copy paste things. But not all students book you for classes, many students books you to help them read an article they found from BBC or a have a free conversation with them. How are you going to provide vocabulary if you have nothing to copy paste? Well that is when you will need learner's dictionary. There are many online dictionaries out there but Learner's is the best one for online English teachers because their definitions are simple and easy to understand for Japanese,Taiwanese and Koreans.

Another use of this site, When student doesn't understand a word, Learner's dictionary is the friend you can count on. I remember on my first class, a student asked me what is the meaning of the word "The" Its a simple word but I have a hard time explaining it. :mrgreen: During those times, I haven't discovered learner's dictionary. Learner's dictionary is the easy and clear to understand for people who are not that fluent in English.

5.sentence dict-After classes you provide students with vocabulary, and I said earlier, if its a materials class, You can simply copy paste things for their student notes.
I use the words provided by vocabulary in a sentence at least 2 to 4 times.

Sometimes materials provide example sentences, sometimes they don't. Also in free conversations You will manually use a word on a sentence. Sentence dict is a site that saves you from thinking. They can provide you hundreds of sentences using a word or phrase.

A student asked me what does Vagina means, after providing the meaning. I need to provide sentences.
Image Now I have some sentences I can simply copy paste.
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