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4 Free Dev Tools for Freelance Developers

Postby skysnap » 13 Jan 2019, 22:55

If you are freelancer developer who works on the PHP, wordpress then you can find that there are many tools that you can use for free. And if you use those free tools for working on the projects. Later when you switch to the client projects you can surely able to work lot quicker and easier as well. In such context, you can make use of the 4 free dev tools you can use that can improve your skills.


When you want to learn how to upload the project files and then get the website running purely on git. I think in such case the heroku can be really useful. And it can easily get your website working in matter of few minutes. I'd definitely recommend learning how to use the heroku. And that way when you work on the client projects you can easily get the most out of your workflow. So try out the heroku.


When you work on the freelance projects, make sure to upload them into private repositories on github. You can easily sort the good project. And this way reduce the burden on your hard disk. And it can be also used for the backup. You can see that github is one of the good sites where you host code. And often clients want to see your open source projects. Start using the committing your git projects. That should help you out with the projects with clients.

Visual Studio Code

This editor is replacing many IDEs and it is one of the most used editor for the front end coders. So you may consider making use of the visual studio code your use. It can be simple to use if you know how to use it with git too. So you don't have to use command line in such case. I have learned that visual studio along with the git can be really good option for client projects. It is free and open source so you may want to use it without much issues.


If you are learning front end development then I am sure you have heard of mongodb database. And it can be pretty good start with the mlab type sites to create database. And you can build the database and connect with your projects. Though free tiers are not much of useful but if you are learning and making projects. And that can be a good thing in the start. And it takes time for making the most of free plan with mongodb database.

So these are some of the tools that I am using for my freelance development option. You can see that there are many tools out there that can be helpful. So that being said, you can see that if you want to move ahead in freelancing then these tools can be definitely useful to start with as well.
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Re: 4 Free Dev Tools for Freelance Developers

Postby oldbuddy » 14 Jan 2019, 01:49

Thanks for this, even if most of it is over my head. I did a little digging about the Visual Studio Code and found a YouTube video that got me a little more excited.

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