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Re: How do we earn from refferals on forum coin?

Postby SUPERSINGH » 09 Feb 2019, 16:19

That's a great and cheapest option to get some very active referrals
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Re: How do we earn from referrals on forum coin?

Postby MysticMoons » 11 Feb 2019, 20:03

OldGuy wrote:I noted this question when asked back in December, and have noted the comments to date. It all got me wondering about the successes and failures in the referral system, and how to find the solution so more members can be successful in bringing in new members who will actually add value to this site. I've been doing a lot of research since this topic was posted.

As listed in the FAQ link:

You earn 25 Forum Coin for every active member you refer to the forum. To count as a referral the member referred must have made at least 20 posts on our forum.”

There is also a link at the end of this line to click and find your personal referral URL.


Click on your User Control Panel
Go to the far right in the list of links and click on "referrals"
Your personal referral link is also displayed right there, above any list of your existing referrals.

OK. So you can earn added credit if you bring in a new member, but only if that new member actually contributes at least 20 posts to the site. Unfortunately, a significant majority of all registered members are not contributing a thing to this site. The home page displays more than 5000 members, but there are not yet even 1000 members who have contributed more than 10 posts.

I have been reviewing referral counts for all active members. Most have no referral credit at all. Several have a single referral credit, some have less than 10 and very few have any count larger than that. I have noted less than half a dozen with more than 25 referrals and one with more than 100 successful referral credits.

It is likely a majority have at least asked a close friend or relative to join but without success. It is likely that many of the registered non contributing members were invited by someone, but they did not stick around for long, if at all.

So, the question remains; how do you actually bring in new members who will be interested enough to become valuable contributing members?

It depends on how you present this site. You can't fluff nonsense, it has to be an accurate and honest presentation.

Yes, you can earn ForumCoins for posting content, but at an average penny a thought, earning for posting is not the big draw. There was a recent discussion about total earnings on ForumCoin. In a review of recorded Paypal payouts presented by Fergal, the vast majority of all members don't even bother to cash in their collections. Many move on to other interests long before they even reach a cashout minimum and many simply hoard their collections to pay for various site advertising or exchanges with other members. No one has earned enough on this site to write home about. The point is, don't start out by saying you can earn money by posting on ForumCoin. It is not the big draw.

Post your invitations on your own blogs, websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Any place you are active on the Internet that allows you to post a referral link. The greater the exposure, the more likely you will be successful.

You have to present the true value of this site in your original invitation. Choose the order as it applies. These are just some suggested points to include in your invitations.

Discuss the fact that you can learn about many online earning opportunities, including multiple reviews of the good and the bad; learn which really pays and which are scams from those who have already been there and done that.

Talk about the low cost advertising options for your own sites and personal interests and how you can even pay for those low cost ads with the ForumCoins you earn by participating.

Mention the exchanges offered on the site. Members and visitors alike can find some very interesting offers.

Tell your prospects about things you have learned about Computers, Gaming & Technology, Webmaster Questions, Discussion & News, Business, Money & Wealth and from the varied Articles & Tutorials. Mention the General Topics and promote the games if that is your bag.

Bring up the points that keep you coming back for more. What excites you about ForumCoin?

As a very last point, mention that you can earn a token amount by posting.

Don't mislead your audience with false promises or fluff. Tell it like it is so those who do respond will be more likely to stick around and earn you that referral credit.

Yes people are to lazy to post these days. I will try to get people to join. But I will try to find people who are interested in and like making and learning about money.

I am one of those who has ended up saving my forum coin, to advertise and or just pay people to subscribe to our new youtube channel on here. But there are people who like to cash out and that is good also. I just save my forum coins for use within the site for now.
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