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Samsung Galaxy Vs iPhone

Postby Fergal » 16 Sep 2018, 10:27

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and plan on changing handset soon. What's your opinion on Samsung Galaxy Vs iPhone? What in your opinion would be the advantages / disadvantages of switching to iPhone?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Vs iPhone

Postby suny » 16 Sep 2018, 10:47

There is not much difference in between Galaxy 8 or 9 so it's okay to stay either with your current phone or if you must change a phone go for Galaxy 8. I am not a fan of iPhone so would refrain from giving any suggestion for them.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Vs iPhone

Postby metsrock69 » 16 Sep 2018, 12:15

if you really want to know, I would suggest the samsung galaxy. A friend of mine bought a new Iphone and he loved it for about 3 days. Then the problems started. It keeps freezing up, sometimes it gets a little hot. He brought it back within the time limit and he got the galaxy. He has not had a problem since. Every experience is probably different but I am just giving you one. Good luck in your choice and I wish you well with whatever phone you choose :)
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Vs iPhone

Postby Katriona_22 » Yesterday, 08:17

My personal choice would be Samsung galaxy, as I notice that Iphone pick up signal is quite weak, that's just my personal opinion, its still up to you on what to choose. Good luck on having a new brand of phone soon.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Vs iPhone

Postby A K Rao » Yesterday, 18:39

I am a Samsung Galaxy user and I found it very satisfactory so far! Since I have never used a i phone or have any first hand information about its usability and durability I can't make any comment on that!
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