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Freelancers Guide on Digital Signature Certificate

Postby skysnap » 16 Sep 2018, 08:34

When you are doing freelancing, you'd come across some of the legal work where you have to make use of the Digital Signature Certificate. And those type of projects are going to be high paid and also require your attention. However a lot of freelancers don't know the value and the power of such signatures and how to make use of them in the business. So in this article, I am going to point you out on how the Digital Signature Certificate works.

What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

When freelancers get a project where they are asked to maintain confidentiality and the project is legally bind. In the Digital Signature Certificate process, your address, name and the paper signatures are taken on the digital form. And they are used as a key in USB drive. Then whenever you want to sign online or offline on digital document, that key can be used. It can be secret key which requires some specific software to open and validate.

Who should use and where to use Digital Signature Certificate?

Freelancers make use of the digital signature when they sign up for retainer projects or the projects with recurring value. As you can see in such conditons the party is bound to pay you legally. And they sign the documents where those signatures are required. If you are owner of small business then also the Digital Signature Certificate are used. It is used to identify your identity and signature online on documents.

How to create Digital Signature Certificate?

Some signatures are plug and verify USB tokens. And some are online signatures with the encryption key depending on the legal requirement. For example freelancers with LLC company usually make use of the USB token for taxes and compliances. And some freelancers make use of the digital documents for signing the papers and the bonds and other legal compliances. So in short you can create the digital signature by using USB tokens. Or you can create the digital signature by using the digital document signing.

How should newbie freelancer make use of this?

Newbie freelancers unless they get signed documents for the payment. They don't need to worry about digital signature. Most of the DSC specific projects are charged over 1000$ or more. So if your projects are paying low amount then you won't be getting such signature and the compliance. So it may take time for you to raise the prices and then worry about the signature. Another thing is that it is not going to be easy to work with clients legaly bind. So make sure the client is good for the hassle that you do here.

Digital signatures are legally bind all over the world. Depending on the signature platform you use online or offline. You may learn that things would be different for verification and compliance. A lot can be explored in this depending on your freelance client or business client wanting NDA and other legal compliance with your project. So make sure to properly research before investing into DSC.
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