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Like for Like ~ Need Facebook Likes For My Blog

Postby cmoneyspinner » 15 Sep 2018, 21:47

This is an offer for anybody who has a Facebook account.

I'm trying this experiment with my blog not my social media account.

I installed a social sharing widget at one of my blogs and it has that "FB Thumbs Up" button.

I need to find out how well the widget works!

Please visit

The buttons are displayed to the left of the page. You should see the icons for Facebook, Pinterest, FB Like, Twitter, etc.


It will take you through a series of clicks but in the end, it should show that you clicked the Like button. You have to complete the entire process or otherwise the Count won't increase.

IN EXCHANGE: I will either Like your Facebook page or Friend you on Facebook or Join your Facebook Group or ... tell me what favor you want me to do for you. You may not need anything on Facebook but you might need a like on Twitter. I'm flexible and I have a lot of social media accounts.

* Right now it shows 1 Like because I liked my own blog to see how the widget worked.

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Re: Like for Like ~ Need Facebook Likes For My Blog

Postby cinderella » 16 Sep 2018, 00:31

My Facebook account is loaded with people who can't help me with my online activities. Oftentimes, my wall is flooded with selfies and personal milestones. I am planning to create a new Facebook account that dedicated solely to my online business. I'll inform you when I'm done. For now, I tried it and I think it went through successfully.
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Re: Like for Like ~ Need Facebook Likes For My Blog

Postby Lushh » 16 Sep 2018, 00:51

The widgets are not initially visible on mobile but in the middle of the page it gives the option to go to Web version. When clicked, the widgets show up at the bottom of the screen. Yes, it works!
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