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Online Job Interview for Freelancers in 2018

Postby skysnap » 14 Jun 2018, 12:53

Freelancers are being interviewed before working on the retainer based jobs. And they have to pass some of the stages before they can get the regular jobs for their work. And doing so they are going to get retainer work. And that means recurring work. You have to pay some things in mind when you are trying to pass some of the interviews. Check out the interview.

Whiteboard Interview

You will be tested based on the performance of the whiteboard interview. Some type of the coding jobs require you to work on the whiteboard. And then you'll be getting the job. It may be hard for some of the freelancers. But you need to establish this and decide what may work for you. I think preparing for this is a good way to land a recurring client. Make sure to learn from web about this.


Make sure to show them live samples. If you were givent the NDA with the client then you can tell them about it. But make sure to show your samples to the interviewer. And they can decide based on that. And you should be having a better portfolio. This should make you lot better in terms of the freelancer where you have something to show to your clients. And that can work around too.


Lot of interviewers are into the puzzles. So make sure that you are ready to answer some of those puzzles. And make sure to have those puzzles in that case. I have learned from my experience that puzzles are a bit heavy during interviews. But if you are ready for challenge then they can make a lot of easier for real life working challenges. And that should be part of your goal. That's what I have learned as well.


Most of the freelancer coders need to have better english communication. If not there is no chance they can retain and get the job. So one has to be learning that it can be a hard in that case. You can see that communication is not that easy and if it's not your first language then you have to work on this. So you have to work on the confidence building. So it takes time and not something that works out from the ground.

These are some of the things that you'd have to work on if you wish to focus on the recurring work or the retainer work online. And make sure to clear some of those interviews.
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