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Italian school put Romanian in Programme.

Postby fistsworn » 14 Jun 2018, 09:17

A southern Italian school a part from:


Wich are the usuall secondary language taught, sometimes German, or Russian aswell but more rarelly, this school decided to put Romanian in their choices aswell.

It is strange for a great number of reasons:
-Only spoken by around 30 million people
-Not so internationally used as the others
And the list can go on.

But what shocked me the most was the disaprooval of this decision by the parents of the kids, I mean the child is not FORCED to learn it, just has an option if he wants.

So I am here to also make a list to why I think the Romanian Language can help the growth of he who learns/knows it.

1-It's more usefull than LATIN.
There is a reason for this though, latin is OFFICIAL and DEAD, Yet even when latin was in use no one used it.
People used a more simple to use version called Vulgar, Romanian is basically that with influences from Slavic and Turkish. With minimal changes in time and introduction of neologisms(Mostly tech based english words)

2-It's The original esperanto.
Esperanto was and stil is today used by a minority of people as a bridge language.
Romanian can easily do that. If you go in Romania and ask something to a romanian in any EUROPEAN language he will understand you, but only respond in romanian if he not knows the language you used(Or depending on the age: Older persons in Russian, Middle Age in French and the younger Generations in English)

3-Learn any language next.
Observing from experience, due to the languages structure a person that know romanian will learn any other european langauge in the dividing time frames: 3, 6 or 12 months, based on his intellect. Speaking B1 levels.
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Re: Italian school put Romanian in Programme.

Postby cmoneyspinner » 26 Jun 2018, 22:18

I voted Yes because with regards to languages like Spanish, French, and English, in America and I suspect also in Europe, there are enough people who you live and work with that speak these languages that you could easily pick it up on your own. It's not likely you'll learn Romanian from listening to folks on the streets. For that reason and for the 3 reasons that you outlined above, I think the person or persons who thought to add this language to the school curriculum was very “forward thinking” and a “practical thinker”.

As for the parents' reaction? Eh! You're never going to please every parent. If you, as an educator, try something new, there will be some parent will complain about it. As long there wasn't an UPRISING and parents standing outside the school with signs yelling and screaming, you can just write it off as a difference of opinion. :D
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