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Re: Cyberbullying

Postby talkerbee » 14 Jul 2018, 10:30

When I was a kid I experienced being bullied. Even now I am experiencing on it. They gave unsolicited opinion without knowing the real you. They seldom appreciate your ups but they give more attention on your downs or mistakes. That's why I'd choose not to give much attention on my social media accounts. Cyberbully means entire world rocks your own world.
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Re: Cyberbullying

Postby fergus1234 » 14 Jul 2018, 10:38

If you avoid politics related stuff on social media, you will experience less cyberbullying. Both right wing and left wing side of Politics have cyberbullies.
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Re: Cyberbullying

Postby chicnthin » 14 Jul 2018, 22:24

There are a lot of bullies, on and offline. People hating others, trying to make it look like they are ahead of them when in fact they make themselves loser.
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