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Graphic Design Podcast Worth Listening to As Freelancer

Postby skysnap » 18 May 2018, 08:07

Podcasts are fun. You should listen to them to gain more knowledge about the industry. And there are lot of tools and the tips that are often discussed. In case of the freelancers there are many such podcasts that can be found. I am going to list some of the podcasts that you can make use of if you are graphic designer. Check out some of the podcasts for the graphic designers.

The Deeply Graphic Design Cast

This is the one I have found on the shopify. And there seems to be lot of users listening to it. The reason being lot of interesting tips and finds are shared on the podcast. I think it's one podcast that every graphic designer should subscribe to in case if they want to keep up with the industry. Here's where you should subscribe to listen or download the podcast.

Greyscale Gorilla

This podcast has both image and video specific discussion. And you will also find the discussion on the new tools. There seems to be a lot of discussion on industry specific graphic design and other interest. I'd say if you are into the design and the code then you should subscribe to it. I have mostly seen discussion on the Serif designer specific. Also there are some of the logo design specific episodes too.

Design Matters

This podcast is from Debbie who is one good designer. And she seems to be covering a lot of industry specific and design trend specific content. So if you are into design industry. And wish to keep up with it then sure go ahead and subscribe. I'd say there are some specific episode where you are likely to learn more about industry tips. It's also one of the most shared among the dribble community. So do check this podcast out.

Resourceful Designer

This podcast is more suitable for those with the business intentions in mind. You can make use of this podcast for the freelancing gigs and leads experience sharing. Lot of interesting tips. And also you'd learn from other designers. So there's plenty of things to be learned here. And lot of small changes in industry are often reported here. So I'd say from that perspective, this is a good place for subscribing if you are a designer.

These are some podcasts for graphic designers. This also covers freelancers and other professional designers. So you have lot of things to learn from these episodes. So go ahead subscribe to them in such case.
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Re: Graphic Design Podcast Worth Listening to As Freelancer

Postby Allius » 18 May 2018, 15:33

I really enjoy podcasts. We can learn a lot with that conversations. I also use podcast to learn and improve my english :)
Beyond that, when I'm listening a podcast I can still do other things, whta is awesome!

Graphic desing always was a topic that I really enjoy, althought that's not my bob area. Thanks for the links and explanations. It is really usefull!
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