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Postby Happyland » 16 May 2018, 18:59

What is
Sola is a social network. Similar to the major platforms it connects millions of users around the world. The difference is three-fold:
1. Unlike the major networks Sola pays for your contribution.
2. Sola is based on blockchain technology.
3. With 979,849 users it is smaller, younger but growing at a fast rate
4. Decentralized which means users have more power. They are actually partners who get a piece of the pie. They are not just a resource that big networks use to make money.

It is a hybrid of media and social network governed by artificial intelligence. It doesn't focus on the concept of "following" but rather it focuses more on the concept of "going viral". You can earn on your content in different ways such as by posting pictures, news, stories, entertainment etc. to what is called a card. Sola uses user reactions and artificial intelligence to spread what is most useful. There is a built-in incentive for quality content which will generate more revenue. The currency is called Sol.

How does sola make money?
Sola gets its revenue from ad dollars, user payments, and partnerships and splits it with users. They use targeted ads.

It sounds similar to Stemit but one difference is Sola will have targeted ads (more revenue) while I don't think Steemit has targeted ads.

Where does coin trade?
SOL trades on the following exchanges: IDEX, Tidex, OpenLedger and EtherDelta. IDEX has the most volume.

It is based in Lithuania. It was conceived back in 2013. It was named Plague. It rebranded last year into Sola.

What have you heard about Sola?
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Postby ahmedo24 » 16 May 2018, 21:25

This is nice, us the program having referrals, and how is payout been done and I can't see bitcoin as part of the coins traded
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Postby Silvermist » 17 May 2018, 08:04

I had heard about this site here.I have not joined the site yet.Do we need to download an the App on phone?Or we can be active in the site on our computer?Somewhere I read about downloading the Sola app.
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Postby Zinha » 17 May 2018, 08:14

Never heard about Sola, but i think it is not my cup of tea, if it pays through cryptocurrencies then I am out, I dont understand a single bit about it.
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Postby cinderella » 17 May 2018, 08:31

I visited the site but I am still confused on how it works. I hope I could devote time to learn more about it. I think its a good site to try.
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