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Any legit bitcoin games?

Postby Happyland » 17 Apr 2018, 14:41

Do you know of any legit bitcoin games that are fun to play and they actually pay? What specific sites do you use? How much do you earn by playing and what is the minimum to reach cashout?
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Re: Any legit bitcoin games?

Postby ahmedo24 » Yesterday, 06:16

If my memory could be right I guess there is a game in bitsoap where you play to earn though not sure, but BMF do give review about some app where you earn to play games and get paid in bitcoin.
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Re: Any legit bitcoin games?

Postby anorona » Yesterday, 15:00

virtualpub is one, but you need to be very patient with it. I have seen proofs on bmf , tried it myself and prety good to play if you can spend time to focus and fully upgrade everything.
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Re: Any legit bitcoin games?

Postby Kei » Today, 05:23

Yes I tried virtualpub too. It is legit and pays. Like anorona said, you need to have a little patience. That's the reason I left the site.
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