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Re: What inspire you to write daily

Postby cmoneyspinner » 07 Sep 2018, 01:27

The fact that I am now earning money to write is inspiring me and motivating me to write daily. For years most of my writing didn't earn much income. Now I'm seeing some monetary results. Next year I'm going to try even harder to find better paying writing jobs.
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Re: What inspire you to write daily

Postby augusta » 07 Sep 2018, 02:20

I think I'm making progress writing daily ,it has enable me type faster now,learn new words daily and also make money it really a win win situation.
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Re: What inspire you to write daily

Postby johnywalker » 07 Sep 2018, 11:47

I am not writing articles daily. However, I am posting on forums daily. I get paid for articles as well as forum posts. Since I can make a lot of forum posts in a short time, I am focusing more on forums. Getting paid quickly is a great motivation.
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Re: What inspire you to write daily

Postby rakski » 12 Sep 2018, 08:35

It depends on the day and time. It depends on the idea that came to my mind.
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Re: What inspire you to write daily

Postby dominique » 12 Sep 2018, 23:16

Money is of course an inspiration. The thought that you will make money from this post is an inspirtion
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Re: What inspire you to write daily

Postby A K Rao » 16 Sep 2018, 20:51

Writing is my hobby! I was a freelance journalist and used to publish my articles in local and National Newspapers when I was a student! I can't kill my though I am very well placed in my life and knowing the fact that I am earning pieces of peanuts on online work , I just keep on writing as I basically like to write and learn the things! Thanks!
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Re: What inspire you to write daily

Postby Vinaya » 18 Sep 2018, 06:25

I am a professional writer, I make a living by writing online and offline. Therefore, I write every day, whether I am in mood to write or not. MOney is a great motivation factor.
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