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Most efficient ways to make money online

Postby Bravosi » 11 Jul 2019, 19:29

Before I begin to share my own personal experience based on how I made and keep making money money I want to make a disclaimer that I'm not gonna share any specific links to avoid giving an impression of advertising or sharing my ref. links. I truly want to share my journey, as how the internet gave me limitless opportunities to sustain myself and my family.

To begin with I have to say that my ways to make money online exclude having some online business, store or any kind of service. My experience is based purely with working on an existing platform, using e-wallets to withdraw the funds.

Data entry
This type of job usually includes you having an employeer providing you certain data you must enter. This type of job didn't capture me for too long, because the profit/time formula comparison didn't quite prove itself. I did it, understood, and got paid quite a few times. But wasn't really worth it for me.

This type of pseudo-investment "job" is very profitable, but dangerous, as HYIPs are a pyramid ponzi scheme. However, with right professional listing you could make a great earning, as long as you don't carry yourself away. I'm doing HYIPs to this day, managing to pull off extra $1500 per year into my savings.

Freelancing includes you performing all sorts of tasks depending on your skills mentioned in the application. Myself, I didn't stay there for too long, because I grew tired of sending my application to several employeer and depend on their judgement every time to receive cash.

This job really DID IT for me, because the great about this microtasking job is that you never get bored of it. You can select numerous tasks from numerous employees sent to you personally without submitting any applications. You usually do it through a platform. I started doing microtasking in 2019, and made around $800 so far.

To be honest, writing is a general term. It can vary from writing articles to posting comments and etc. Either way, it still has you to write, no matter what you do exactly. Myself being familiar with the two I found myself quite comfortable with it, as it's a great way to make passive income if you find the right platform.

That's pretty much it, thanks for your attenion.
Hope my personal experience with making money online was useful to you! :)
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Re: Most efficient ways to make money online

Postby fergus1234 » 11 Jul 2019, 21:53

Writing use to be my bread and butter until I discovered teaching English online which is the most profitable online job I ever tried.
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Re: Most efficient ways to make money online

Postby ptrikha21 » 12 Jul 2019, 14:44

That is a great compilation of various options.
How do you rank General blogging and YouTube?
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