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Canva Alternatives You Can try in 2019

Postby skysnap » 11 Jun 2019, 21:40

Canva had the security leak during the May's last week. And they seem to be insecure in such context. So some people want to migrate to the alternatives. I consider canva safe because no information was leaked. But if you are curious for the alternatives then you may want to check out the feature rich apps explained below. Do let me know if you make migration to another app instead of canva.

Adobe Spark

If you are into social media page management then you need a tool that can help you with creating the images. And in such case you can see that adobe spark is definitely worth trying of when you are not much into the canva. I'd say if you have the money for pro version, go for it too. In such case you'd get less options than canva but it's worth trying out. Though some of the time canva can have issues with the storage but spark is lot better on that part.


Unlike spark, here it is more artistic and have artist specific controls. So tends to be producing the artistic level output. And something I often don't find much value out of as well. I'd recommend you to check out the Unfold if you have time and say have iOS device where it works lot better. It may soon have the option for other platforms too. It is more suitable for the portrait type of designs, so make sure to only choose it for those images.


If you are specifically looking for making those text based image post, then this is the tool for you. Though canva offers lot more tools and the templates. This one specifically deals with few specific type of the posts. And it's fun to make use of the templates like that. I have personally made use of the templates on some of my pages. And have found out that this one fits for some of the scenarios.

Over Edit

I consider this is to be the best alternative of the canva. I found that some of the templates clearly the winner. And even better for the social media image posts. It also has some templates outside the social media context. It also has the team access so you may want to try it out. I personally think that some of the features if tweaked it can be easily the best alternative of the canva. I'd recommend you to check it out as it has free plans too.

These are some of the alternatives that you can check out if you are migrating from the canva. And it can be worth noting that there are some canva clones coming out in the market. Like say crello which is a good alternative. I have not reviewed it yet because they seem to have canva like paid plans and I have yet to test the feature difference. But if you are curious then you may want to check it out.
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Re: Canva Alternatives You Can try in 2019

Postby ptrikha21 » 22 Sep 2019, 06:56

I was not aware at all about the existence of such Apps. It is remarkable that people can get so many options for these. May be I might try a few years down the line, but not now.
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