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Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby sprite1950 » 03 Oct 2015, 08:31

I was thinking that I know so much more than I did when I first joined this site, especially when it comes to knowing the good and bad things about other earning sites. Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby gabr1ela » 03 Oct 2015, 09:26

At first when I found out about this site, I said let me enroll as myself one day, today I have no time ....
But a few days I decided to go and have my account and forget they were the most satisfied in every respect, and I learned one thing, being right means a lot. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby Angie10 » 03 Oct 2015, 09:38

I find forumCoin very informative, too! Like you say, there's so much to learn from others in relation to other earning sites. I also find that members here are very open in sharing what they know, what sites work for them etc I find their openess very refreshing :)
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby peachpurple » 03 Oct 2015, 09:41

Yes I am starting to learn a few things too. I like the community who answers my questions. I am grateful to @lejla1311 who helped me a lot when I have doubts.
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby MaJamin » 03 Oct 2015, 14:18

Ooh yes i have learned alot and i thank the person who let me know about forum coin. Mostly i have learnt about other earning sites which i have joined already though am yet to redeem.
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby Jinglebells » 15 Oct 2015, 06:15

Other than learning about other paying sites, I get a lot of useful computer information, or If I post a question on something and looking for advice. I feel that a lot of people think differently than I would have, so I have more information for me to make a decision.

I think it is great to have a lot of people here, as someone knows something, that someone else may not.. I like sharing ideas.
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby lejla1311 » 15 Oct 2015, 06:41

Yes, I have learned a lot, but really a lot from Forum Coin. i have learned about some new sites where I can earn some money. I have met some really wonderful people here in this friendly community.
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby kataomoi » 15 Oct 2015, 12:00

Yeah, I've learned quite a bit. I learned more about earning sites... such as which sites to go for and which sites to avoid. There's also a lot of good information in the computers and technology section.
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby tomford » 15 Oct 2015, 12:46

I'm not sure I've learned a lot, I've heard of a lot of sites that I never knew existed and tried them with moderate success. I also learned about the plight of a lot of my fellow online earner from different countries. I also learned SHOHANA has pretty eyes :)
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby blair » 15 Oct 2015, 12:51

I had seen different views from different people. What is good about my learning is that I get to read about a certain topic from the views of people all over the world. Some members have a different take on a topic which is hugely influenced by their race, religion, country, work experience, status in life and so on. It is quite enriching learning from other members.
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby WorkAtHomeGal » 15 Oct 2015, 16:11

I love forums and love this one because so many people from all around the world post here. Since joining this site I have learned more about PTC websites and other earning websites and of course personal opinions. It has been a really fun time so far.
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby abidri » 15 Oct 2015, 17:37

Yes I learned a lot of information from this website forumcoin specialy that I learned the English language so thank you everybody for this info and thanks again for the team of forumcoin who do the best for them user
Thank you so much :)
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby cessy_08 » 16 Oct 2015, 09:45

Yes for sure. I learned of other money earning sites from FC and picked up a few tricks with regard to monetizing my blog. :) I am so happy everybody from FC is willing to share how they earn!
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby leeannl » 18 Oct 2015, 04:18

Truthfully I don't think I've learned a lot of information from here but I don't take part in informative type posts. I think some of the sections would be really helpful if I had a specific question, especially about technology type things. I haven't really learned much about other earning sites truthfully. I might have to look around a little more. ;)
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Re: Have you learned a lot from ForumCoin?

Postby swalia » 18 Oct 2015, 12:55

I came to know a lot about other earning sites from forum coin. the reviews i read here are quite helpful in deciding which sites to join.
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