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Things that can be done to save some dying industry

Postby fergus1234 » 30 Aug 2018, 13:30

Internet had killed multiple industries that people use to think will last forever, but is there a way to save these dying industries? Well it can be done. Japan manage to keep some industries alive despite of being known for many modern innovations. It is up to the government and the owners of the company on how to keep consumers interested.

Cds, DVDs and Blu ray- The only thing that kept these digital storages is the gaming industry since gamers loves having a physical copy of their games as collectors. In case of movies and music though it continue to dies. The best way to keep these industries alive is to drop the price. This is back in the 90's but fresh from the factory, a Music album costs 80 cents but once it is sold the stores if costs $40.00 or more. It is the same case with DVD and blu rays. Pirating them or streaming them is much more cheaper. Government should drop the price of these disk to make them desirable for collectors. One of the biggest advantage of DVDs and blu rays over streamed videos are alternate endings and Behind the scenes.

Videogame arcade- 2 Technologies puts Arcades in trouble. Video game consoles and mobile gaming. I remember Arcades still managed to stay relevant even with ps2 and gamecube around. It is also still alive around ps3 and xbox 360 era but it is now closing down. So what should happen to keep arcades relevant. They already have a lot of classic games but they should continue making games that cannot be experienced at home nor mobile. Japan still makes new games for arcades but outside Japan it is not the case. Arcade should also organize tournaments with prizes to keep people interested. Some Arcade games should also offer VR, that is more large scale that cannot be replicated at home. VR with with treadmill, is a game that arcades can offer that cannot be enjoyed at home.

Malls- Malls in tier 1 countries are dying! It is all because of online shopping. Malls should not focus on selling anymore, Yes the stores should stay but they must offer other services aside from selling things. Malls must offer things to entice people to visit that cannot be experienced at home. Offer services that cannot be offered at home. Aside from shops, restaurants and food stalls, malls must have other form of entertainment like carnival rides. Malls can also have medical centers like dental clinics and dermatology centers.

News papers- One of the bigger edge news papers have over online news is that many online news are fake, and newspapers are more trustworthy. Also newspapers have coupons that people can cut to save money. Also another way to keep alive is show they are environmentally friendly by being made recycled papers or non tree materials like the invasive water lilies or the algae found from the ocean. Those materials can be used to make paper. News papers should also drop the prices since some people think it's expensive.
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