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How older fictions predicted the 2010's technologies part 1

Postby fergus1234 » 21 Jul 2018, 16:02

People from the past really have super high expectation about the year 2000. You will see depiction of that year from old movies as a super futuristic time where people ride flying cars and lives in outer space but when the actual year arrived, it is as ordinary as the 90's.. Well at least cellphones got much more smaller. People from the past have high expectations of us but what do we end up having? People eating tidepods to get social media fame. If we have a time machine and go back in time and make the writers of these fictions see the actual year they written about I wonder how they will feel.

Year 2000 was the overhyped year people from the 1950's to early 1990's waited for because of the technologies they expected.

Here are some Future depictions of the 2010's.

2010: The Year We Make Contact (Year created, 1984)

On this movie Human had already colonized many places at solar system. There are no people who lives on Mars and humans are about to colonize the icy moon of Jupiter... Europa. A second batch of Astronauts are sent to Jupiter's orbit so human can colonize Europa. The first batch of Astronauts are killed by an evil Artificial intelligence that controlled their ship. Oh the Soviet Union is still a thing on this movie and they are still in war against the United States. Humans are also able to turned a Frozen moon like Europa into an earth like lush jungle.

Macross (Created 1982, Depicting the year 2011)

This 1982 Anime became a huge hit in the United States under the title Robotech. This show have elements of romance, action and drama. The show centers around the 18 year old Hikaru/Rick Hunter (his name changes depends on region) He resident of the Macross city. he was torned between to lovers, The 17 year old Minmay, A chinese girl who works at Chinese restaurant who suddenly became a popular popstar after winning a beauty pageant voted by the audience not with cell phones but with special buttons created for the pageant. Rick will be in dilemma when he falls in love with the 29 year old Lisa Hayes, A redhead American soldier who is passionate of saving the earth....He ends up with Lisa.

The Macross city is a giant spaceship where thousands of people live. This city is earth's defence against alien invaders. Soldiers ride bipedal giant robots to right the aliens. The depiction of 2011 on this show is nothing like the 2011 that we know. There are no smartphones where people can do selfies. They have photographer robots instead. You will insert coins on them and take your picture. Landline phones as still prevalent but they have cameras now. There is no internet, People as newspaper is still a relevant source of news.

I am legend (setting 2012, year created 2007)

On This movie starring Will Smith. A female scientist claimed she discovered the cure to cancer. What is the cure? The Cure is a virus and this virus kill all the cancer cells. So people made a line and try to be vaccinated by this Virus. What happened? They turned into zombie and vampire like creatures and the human population has been decimated and the only known survivor is Dr. Robert Neville who is played by Will Smith. He is the "Last man on earth" trying to find the cure to the virus so those zombies will be humans again.

I know there is so many people who think that 2012 will be the end of the world back in the past and we know that it backyard because the world didn't end.

Postman (setting 2013, created 2007)


Set on a Post-Apocalyptic 2013 where an event drastically changed the world as all technologies are wiped out and the United States is back to the Wild West. Oh the main character is a postman sending packages and letters. We know postmen in the real 2013 just sends packages these days. The only people who send letters I think are Prisoners who needs Penpals.

I can't find any books, videogame and movies from the past with technological predictions of 2014 but people from the 1960's have high expectation from this year.

This is Isaac Aasimov, He is a popular Science fiction writer during the 1960's and here are his predictions of the year 2014.

1. People will be super bored because there won't be any interesting new hobbies to created.
2. Appliances will have no more cords (Half truth, because wireless did became a thing but we still have cords.)
3.The Whole world will be powered by nuclear power.
4.Cars will be able to run on water and fly.... (Amphibian cars exists but flying cars do exist now but not legal)
5.Robots will be everywhere
6.Human colonies on the moon :lol:
7.Underwater cities will be common
8. The World is completely Automated.

Back to the Future 2 (setting 2015,created 1989)

This movie killed so many hopes and dreams of 80's kids and 90's kids because the portrayal of 2015 is just awesome. Many children from those eras wishes the actual 2015 will arrive. They all end up disappointed.

What are the predictions of this movie? Some of them are fails are while others are accurate.
People will be wearing self adjusting jackets and self trying sneakers. Little girls will be riding a pink flying skateboard known as hoverboard.


Flat Screen television is a thing....Whoa it really happened and people the screen as some sort of phone used to be talking with someone. They sort of predicted skype.

People still uses Phone Booths because there are no cellphones.

This movie predicted the tablet

Realistic Holograms

The movie kind of predicted Google Glass

Billboards are floating

Flying cars are legal and they run in clean energy

The list of the amazing and fail predictions of this movie is too long I can't discuss them all. This movie still have a super ambitious depiction of 2015 but the real 2015 is a huge disappointment.

This Article will end for now. I will be making a sequel that focuses with 2016 up to 2020.
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Re: How older fictions predicted the 2010's technologies part 1

Postby cmoneyspinner » 22 Jul 2018, 01:51

This article is fantastic! I grew up when all these fantastic and somehow magical scientific visions of the future seemed so very real to me. And they either have become or are becoming real.
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Re: How older fictions predicted the 2010's technologies part 1

Postby fergus1234 » 14 Aug 2018, 05:52

Sadly what we end up with are people doing stupid things at social media and people getting lazy while binge watching on Netflix.
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Re: How older fictions predicted the 2010's technologies part 1

Postby OldGuy » 04 Oct 2019, 18:25

Ran across this older topic and thought you might be interested to learn that truth can be stranger than fiction.

My dad was a pilot in the US Air Force during WW2. There was a big drive and excitement back then amongst the pilots about life in the US after the war (1946).

They expected every home to own an airplane for travel and had built up the idea of pilots owning and selling airports and equipment to run them for every small town. I remember browsing through the catalog dad had from back then. It was a hard cover book, not the magazine style of these days.

You could buy every component used in airports, from the runway lights to the luggage trolleys to air socks and even the big sky search light seen at every existing airport back then to set up your own airport. All you needed was a couple of acres of fairly level land and you were good to go.

It never went beyond the planning and distribution of those catalogs, but you might consider researching and adding something about even older ideas that were really happening to predict the future, not just movie ideas for "part two".
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