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CDN Services You Should Use with WordPress in 2019

Postby skysnap » 02 Nov 2019, 07:42

WordPress shops and the blogs need to load quickly in case when you want to convert the traffic into customer. And that means you have to avoid website going down. So in such case you can make use of the CDN. Here are some of the CDN services that you can use for WordPress. These are some of the recommendations that you should check out for the static content or the dynamic content.


This is the place which has the most dedicated and the VPS servers there. They have the most servers which are reliable and also many people use it for the long term and the high traffic sites. Rackspace seems to be one good CDN service for those who have lot of traffic and also want to have static and the dynamic resources. It would be premium and also the expensive services.


I am sure you have heard of the Sucuri for the security specific services. And they have both scan and also malware removal sort of services. It has 12 locations that you may want to get some traffic. It is expensive service for those new bloggers and medium level bloggers. But the thing is that you may see that 200 bucks a year plan seems to be expensive for normal bloggers but security and analytics being good from the sucuri, I think it's worth the investment.


MaxCDN was one popular service which was later acquired and turned into the stackpath CDN. And the service here is suitable for the blogger and the website owners. You may find most of the shopify and the WooCommerce users make use of the stackpath. I think also the graphics and the other static file assets can be worth using with the CDN. It is also mild budget pricing for the bloggers and the sites.


This CDN is one of the best because it has longer 34 locations. It has pretty decent speed too. I have noticed that the price is good but it may often be not reasonable for the plan vs the quota. So if you have enough traffic then other CDN sounds lot better in that case. The stats is pretty easy to see in the dashboard and you can also learn about your traffic. I personally have found DDOS and anti bot protection lot better from this service.

If you want to get the CDN services for your WordPress blog or site, then above recommendations can be good enough. For those sites with enough good income and the traffic, these type of the CDN listed here can be of use there. Though these CDN services are paid, but if you are planning to earn money out of site and the blog then you should invest time to learn from above recommendations and then choose one which applies to your case.
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Re: CDN Services You Should Use with WordPress in 2019

Postby ptrikha21 » 08 Nov 2019, 16:39

A good write up. A few queries:
1)What exactly is the full form of CDN ?
2)Could you share some images for these solutions, as well as the pricing?
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