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4 Ebook Reader Apps for the Windows 10 You Should Use in 2019

Postby skysnap » 14 Apr 2019, 10:55

Microsoft Windows has retired the Ebook reader apps in the Edge store. Now you can't play the books inside the browser edge anymore. So you are left with the option of external apps that allows you to read the ebooks. In this article I am listing some of the apps that you can use on the desktop that can allow you to read the books that you find on various book stores online and also the one that are released in the pdf format. Take a look at some of the apps below.

Icecream Ebook Reader

Ice cream apps have some of the fun products for free and paid usage. You can use the ebook reader for free and it can be pretty effective. The interface is one of the best points about the app. It can also be used for searching and also going to through various collections of the books. You can check the progress, check the translation and also navigate through various places of the ebook. This can definitely help you in many ways if you plan on using it on desktop or mobile.


Often we can't have a lot of reader formats available. And in such case we can make use of the calibre to read those ebooks and also convert them into other formats such as the one being supported by your other reader. This way you can easily read through ebook reader. I have seen this to be easier for you to convert most of the common ebook formats. I have also seen the calibre ebook reader for epub generation the most. So if you ebook reader that reads epub or want to read in calibre, you can use it for both.


This is amazon's flagship product. And it is one of those products that can be usable for the free and paid ebooks. I can tell you from my perspective that kindle is one app you should have it installed on the desktop and phone. It is one good that helps you read various book types including from their store and other storage based books. It's good for reading and also seeing the catalog through it.


This one is my favorite because it is pretty lightweight. And also easy to use and simple. Also the price is free. So there is not much that you can use for the reading of ebooks. You can use this app to read various ebook formats like epub, pdf and few other ebook formats. So you can read a lot of content from the web for free. And also you can navigate the book titles and the content easily.

These are some of the e-readers that you can consider making use of when you want to use them on all platforms. I personally have loved the kindle of amazon and the calibre. The reason being these two have lot better quality in terms of the ebook viewing. And I'd recommend you to check it out in case if you want to use them on the desktop. FBreader on the other hand can be used on all the platforms.
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Re: 4 Ebook Reader Apps for the Windows 10 You Should Use in 2019

Postby ceci » 15 Apr 2019, 08:49

FBReader for Android? Thanks for it, might give a try if I want to read some English books online.
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Re: 4 Ebook Reader Apps for the Windows 10 You Should Use in 2019

Postby mrki444 » 15 Apr 2019, 11:41

skysnap wrote:Edge store

What is that? I know for Windows store.
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Re: 4 Ebook Reader Apps for the Windows 10 You Should Use in 2019

Postby naxewp81 » 15 Apr 2019, 12:55

I'm using FBReader and I agreed it's a simple app to use and not a vampire app that sucks your phone battery and memory. I've been using it for a couple of years now.
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Re: 4 Ebook Reader Apps for the Windows 10 You Should Use in 2019

Postby cmoneyspinner » 15 Apr 2019, 17:48

If you have Windows 7 are these apps still OK. Or are there different apps you would recommend?
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