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How to identify that Scammers are targeting you and kick them

Postby kat82 » 11 Oct 2018, 11:20

In this world where access to information and technology is almost for every one. Different people in their respective sections have continued to use this chance to reach their goals, among of them which including scamming others. Scam on the internet happens in very many ways and keeps changing, a thing which has led to many fall victims.

Scammers can target anyone at any one time and can occur both online and offline. The one thing people need to know is identifying that such a message or info is scam and which is what I am sharing in this article. I know you (the one reading this won't like it when you get scammed, and the same to your family member, friend or relative), just like I also don't want that to happen to me. Well, let’s look at how you can identify that you are a scammers target.

Unexpected emails from unknown senders

Believe me you, much as many websites and services claim to keep our emails safe when we use or sign up for their services, many of them end up selling our information to people who can use them for scam activities. Take an example of the many sites which promise to pay users up to $10 or even $100 per referrals sent to them. At the end of the day, they tell you to complete surveys which are endless. In the end, you don’t get the money you worked yet at the same time your information is sold to people you can’t even tell.

Once you start receiving email messages which are promising in nature from unknown persons, you must be vigilant. This will help you ask yourself many questions before eventually falling for them. An example, a person claiming to be a reverend out of blue sent me many email messages about UBA card. Truth, he sent me the card to my address I had given him but the card had no ATM pin. When I asked for the PIN, he told me to send him up to $700 so the bank could process the PIN. In his claims, he shared with me that the card had up to $5,000,000 something which if I had agreed would have made me lose my $700. You shouldn’t always believe in such messages from unknown senders however much they promise you.

Facebook friend requests from beautiful ladies

Sorry to say beautiful ladies. I am not meaning that every beautiful lady is a scammer, and or that beautiful ladies are not supposed to send you friend requests. For those of you who use Facebook, you might have seen or even received such messages with beautiful images.

In the many messages I have received, the sender will always write every beautiful about themselves and sometimes claim to be from the deceased rich fellows or even working from those known international organizations. They promise to share with you the funds left by their late, and or to offer you green color jobs.

At the end of it all, they ask you to email them on their private email addresses they indicate. Once you receive such, the best way is to block those senders before they scam you. One other thing I know about them is being sweet in their writings. This has led many fall victims and you shouldn’t leave it happen to you.
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