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Are experiencing a carrot shortage? Here are some effective carrot substitute.

Postby fergus1234 » 14 Sep 2018, 10:15

Let's say you see a recipe online or on TV and you decided to buy the ingredients but suddenly certain ingredients are not available at this moment. Or you are craving your favorite comfort food but certain ingredients are just not available. If this article will be a success I might make a series for substitute for ingredients.

For now I want to focus on carrots. Many of my favorite dishes uses carrots for ingredients but recently a pest affected many carrot plantations on my area. The carrot shortage made me resourceful to find effective substitute to carrots. I am going to have sections on this life hack tutorials, one for people who lives in tropics and one for people who lives in temperate cold areas.

These substitutes are nutritious on their own right and some of them are even more nutritious than carrots but this article is more about replacing carrots based on availability and need. They will not have the exact flavor of carrots but they can compensate on it's absence depends on how you will cut them.


Jicama is a tropical root crop that you can eat raw. It is juicy and crispy like an apple. The taste like a bland pear without the tart and sour taste. It's sweetness is more similar to a carrot but it is more juicy.

You can use raw jicama as replacement for carrots in raw salads but it also work as carrot replacement in cooked meals like stir fries and stews. It is more closer to carrot when it is thinly sliced into julienne strips. If you think about it looks like white colored carrots once you shred it. If carrots is a regular part of your green juice, Jicama is a great replacement too.

Banana peel


Something you may not know, Banana peel is edible and it has some great nutrition too. It is eaten in some cultures in the world. It wont work as a carrot replacement that needed large slices of carrots and or raw carrots. It is a good replacement for minced and diced carrots for meatballs, meatloafs,spring rolls and burgers. We usually use carrots as extenders for ground meat but if there are no carrots around, banana peel will work.

Green Papaya/unripe Papaya

Many Asian recipes needed unripe Papaya on their recipes but most Papayas exported in western countries are already soft and ripe. So Asian immigrants abroad uses carrots or swede as replacement for it. If Carrots can replace Green Papaya, It means Green papaya can replace carrots. It wont taste like carrots but it works well as a substitute especially for soups.


Now let's share some carrot substitute life hacks for people who lives in countries with four seasons.

Beets can replace carrots in carrot cake,salads, juices,smoothies ,stews and soups. The only problem is the red purplish color it can give to your food. I don't mind the red color of the beets but if the red color bothers you, beets have variety in white.

Orange beets are best carrot replacement because they have the exact appearance of carrots, the only difference is the color.

Broccoli Stem


During the carrot shortage, Another great replacement is the stem of the broccoli. If you cut them in julienne strips they can replace shredded carrots and carrot cubes. They are basically green carrots for me. I do not throw away the stem of the broccoli because it is a nutritious vegetable on it's own right.

Zucchinis will not replace large cubes of carrots, it works more as a replacement for diced carrots, julienne carrots,carrot cake, raw carrots for salads and juice. It is much more softer but it can compensate.


Let's be honest, Parsnips are basically white carrots. They are only nuttier in flavor but they can replace carrots in almost most dishes.

Purple carrots.

If you can't find the orange carrots but the purple ones are available, don't be afraid to try the purple ones. Actually carrots are originally purple but farmers are able to make orange colored carrots as a tribute to a Dutch King named William of Orange and the orange ones became trendy. The Purple ones are actually more nutritious and it can prevent cancer but it went out of style. Purple carrots can replace the orange ones in all recipes that needed carrots.

Rutabaga or swede
These fat root crops are cousins of carrots and it can be interchangeable in many recipes. They can basically replace each other.
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Re: Are experiencing a carrot shortage? Here are some effective carrot substitute.

Postby Lushh » 16 Sep 2018, 19:03

I don't think I've heard of Jicama before. I have to research now. Thanks for the tips.I will probably try the beets in carrot cake (with suspicion). :lol: I was always afraid of beets but it is nutritious though.
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