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Why Freelancers Should Test Business Model before Investing Time and Money

Postby skysnap » 13 Jun 2018, 09:47

When it comes to time we have it limited on the planet. And as far as money is concerned that is also limited for freelancers. So they need to be prepared on lot of things. And they have to test a lot of small things. And that is what decides their approach toward the busienss. So here are some of the points that freelancers can consider before wasting their time and money. Take a look at the below points and do let me know.

Market Demand

Your products need to have some sort of market demand for it to work. Because there needs to be someone buying things for it to work. If there are no people buying it then selling does not make much sense either. So make sure to have some sort of demand for the product. Also make sure to have some market validation for seasonal checks. That is going to make a huge difference over a period of time.

Supply Issues

Some of the time some products or skills have supply issues. You may not get people to do the work. And you may not get the people to work for you. And things like this goes on and on. And that needs to be changing. You have to test this part in order for things to work out properly. I have realized that if you can work on the product. If it's ebook then also you need some sort of supply like design and the formatting and skilled people. So make sure to test that too.

Low Cost Tests

You have to perform the low cost test in order for the product or service to last longer. This way you won't be having issues with the supply and other things. So all of the testing you make needs to be done on low cost. So this way you can switch between the business. And that should be your focus. You have to understand how that works out. Make sure to learn about those low cost tests in that context.

Sales Capacity

Your product or service needs to have some sort of demand. Lack of demand makes things a bit harder to work with. And so you have to be understanding of how much money the particular product can bring. And that's what is going to decide the sales capacity. You have to understand that part for better sales and growth. So on that note I'd recommend having some sort of sales growth.

These are some of the reasons why freelancers should test before they can go with any business model. And that should be their approach for building business of any type be it product or service.
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Re: Why Freelancers Should Test Business Model before Investing Time and Money

Postby Allius » 14 Jun 2018, 19:13

You are absolutely right :) This advice is very good and not only for freelancers, but for all people and all kind of business.
Do a Test before the business and write a business plan is imperative for those who want to create a successfull business...
Thanks for the tips...
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