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How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby grecy0905 » 07 Apr 2017, 22:39

If you decided to start a YouTube channel, you already have a content that you can focus on and you already started one or more videos, the problem now is how to get more views at YouTube. The struggle is real in getting you know and you need to work hard for you to be popular. Your aim is to make the videos working for you even if you are sleeping. While your videos are getting viewed, it is a must that your subscriber will add from time to time. Find below tips the could help you an idea on how to grow views on your YouTube videos.

You Need to Rank your Video in YouTube Search
YouTube is the second large search engine in the world. Once people get in the site, they are actively using the search bar at YouTube to find what they are looking for. Ranking your videos in YouTube search is the best way to grow your channels. This is the best way to gather more views for your content. It is better than depending on someone else popularity when you are doing collaboration with other YouTubers.

The higher you rank at YouTube search, the more chances that people will prioritize clicking your content among anyone else below. If you are consistent in doing videos, one by one people will get to click it so you need to learn how to do it.

At present, you can see two or more YouTubers doing one videos like Makeup Tutorials, Chubby Bunny Challenge, What’s in my bag, Hauling, and even small gathering and travelling. Collaboration showcase two YouTubers and the advantage is they will get more subscribers. This is one best strategy to reach new people and expand your avenue. This means that the subscriber of one might get to discover the other YouTubers, one way or another.

Research who you would want to collaborate with. Some says the more popular, the better. Or just attend a gathering of people and make yourself know by other YouTubers. They can even allow you to advertise your channel while they are recording their video, so this is a great chance for you to be known. Now you need to study on how to start collaborating with other YouTubers.

Consistency and Quality of Content
When it comes to consistency, it answers the question on how you post your videos regularly. You need to be consistent, at least one videos per week is need. On the Quality, you need to be creative with your content. Your mind should always fresh from ideas that people might want to see on your next videos. You can even ask your subscriber on ideas of what they want to see next in your videos. It is important that every week, your videos are improving and you need lots of motivations to do this. Remember, Content is a King.

Social Media
Social media network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc) is the one place where you can spread to the world you have new videos uploaded. You need to be creative in creating a title and it should be really intriguing for the people to get curious about it. With a great title, people will start clicking your videos and watch it. Some are using titles that really not connected to the videos itself and it is a form of click baiting to gather more views on their videos. It depends on you on how to use it because it is a form of strategy on some, however, it is much better that the title has a strong connection to the content to not lose subscriber. If you fool them, you will lose them.

Community are consists of the people who are subscribing to your YouTube videos. They are the people who leave comments regardless if the video is good or bad. You need to read your comments once in a while. Be prepared with all the bashing and judgement. Every person commenting counts even if they like or hate you. Take care of these people are these will put you on your way up. If you want to get more views, you need to read their comments, learn from other’s experience, follow their advises and just be genuinely friendly.
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby peachpurple » 18 Apr 2017, 05:02

May I know how to do rank your youtube videos? Software?
I tend to share youtube URL at social media sites , which indeed push up more incoming traffic
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby WorkAtHomeGal » 18 Apr 2017, 15:24

These are all great ideas listed here that will work. I am seeing more and more people that I follow doing collab videos with people in the same niche as them, it seems like a really good idea. Trying to make good content is important too and sticking to it.
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby metsrock69 » 18 Apr 2017, 23:42

One of these days I will make a youtube channel. I have a couple of videos out there but they are just made with my smartphone. I need to do some research on how to have it on the screen with pointers. I like the way @Workathomegal made her video :)
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby Happyland » 11 Aug 2017, 05:50

These days there are sites that charge a fee to get you more views and subscribers on video and other platforms. I would not recommend using them but those sites are sprouting up out there.
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby ladyninja » 12 Aug 2017, 09:19

I just look at some Youtube channels with a million subscribers and go wow! I think it helps if you focus on a niche or topic. Starting is often the most difficult but getting to 1000 and you can start to upscale from there.
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby ahmedo24 » 12 Aug 2017, 10:01

I had little knowledge about this YouTube channel vedios , I have learnt more from this article. I will get a niche and making useful videos. Thanks
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby SuncicaZ » 12 Aug 2017, 18:05

You can get more views by sharing your videos on other social networks and that is the free way. You can also pay to You Tube to advertise your videos. :wave:
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby castbound » 12 Aug 2017, 22:38

If you get partnered with a partnership network.. some of them offer collaboration program which means that you will be able to look for people to partner/collaborate with on YouTube. One of those networks is VISO.
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby Wyvh » 14 Aug 2017, 11:16

There's that website "YTMonster" that I just discovered on FC. It could be working, but I didn't try it. Yet.
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby chaz » 15 Aug 2017, 05:59

Personally I will put my money on the collaboration, community and interesting content. Still, to be absolutely honest, there are so many dumb videos who get all the press. :mrgreen:
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby meensusa » 21 Aug 2017, 14:35

Collaboration is a good idea for increasing the views on YouTube channel. I have not thought about it. Can you tell us how to rank the videos in the search? Promoting the videos is the only best option to increase the views.
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby ceci » 22 Aug 2017, 02:50

Thanks, I learned some thing new to me here.
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby augusta » 27 Aug 2017, 15:12

Insightful,it would be of utmost help,when I will really need it,starting my you-tube channel soon
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Re: How to Get More Views on YouTube?

Postby chaz » 28 Aug 2017, 06:17

augusta wrote:Insightful,it would be of utmost help,when I will really need it,starting my you-tube channel soon

I was thinking to start my own channel on the Youtube, but I still have to decide what will be my niche and what advertisers to connect there.
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