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How to be eloquent and articulate in your speech

Postby haripriyavkl » 19 May 2017, 17:19

How to be eloquent and articulate in your speech
Giving a speech to a group of people is an art and not many of that can do it with ease. Some are gifted naturally when it comes to talking eloquently. But if you couldn't speak persuasively or struggle while talking you will have the ability to put those words on a piece of paper and express them beautifully. But hey, don't you worry my friends there are ways with which you can practice to perfect this art. So, keep reading to know more.

# The first step in giving a speech is to stop and think clearly. When you stop and think clearly it will give you the time not to talk aimlessly and ramble out words and bore your audience. By taking time and talking slowly will make you sound more intelligent and eloquent. Also, you will clearly speak and your speech will be up to the point.

# If you are doubtful about your ability practice your speech with your close friend or with people who will know your ability and try showcasing them. Practice having a conversation with your close friends as often as possible. This will improve your ability to articulate well with people and improve your confidence level.

# Have a thorough knowledge of what you speak about. When you see a very interesting discussion going on and you have the interest to get into that conversation but you have only very little knowledge about that, then it is best to stay put. Converse only when you have thorough knowledge on the subject so that you don't simply saunter and create a bad impression.

# Project your speech. You should sound well even to the man who is sitting in the last row. Practice this projection in your room while you are speaking. Even when you are practicing imagine you are giving a speech to a very large crowd and project your voice. Practice with intensity.

# Put long sentences after short sentences. Don't continuously put long sentences as it will be difficult for the audience to absorb more information at a short time. So try long sentences after short sentences and vice versa. This will make the audience to stick to your speech till the end.

# Record your speech and see your emotions. Record your speech every time you practice and see how you feel when you listen to the speech? Do you feel happy or sad? Enjoying or irritated? Energetic or sleepy? Knowing the emotions will help you correct in the parts wherever needed. This will help you to boost your confidence level. You can use Audacity if you want better clarity and refinement.

# Watch a lot of news channels and see where they raise and lower their voices. Also, see their lip movements and body language. Try practicing like them but create a unique style for yourself in the long run. When you are replicating the speaking styles and body languages of famous speakers you are likely to articulate your speech well and make your audience interesting and worth of their time spent in listening to your speech.

Give something you always wanted to give to the world in the way they are expecting. It will be a wonderful feeling and you will also learn a lot in giving a great speech to the people and inspire them. Practice makes a man perfect. So practice and mold yourself to give your best.

Thanks for reading. Good luck. :thumbup:
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Re: How to be eloquent and articulate in your speech

Postby chikitta » 19 May 2017, 18:21

I remember doing all this things one time back in high school when I was supposed to give a farewell speech. Another thing i was told was to keep my eyes away from the crowd. So when i stood in front of the crowd I always positioned my eyes on the roof that way i was able to keep my words.
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Re: How to be eloquent and articulate in your speech

Postby Happyland » Yesterday, 14:42

Great information in this article. This reminds me of school when I took a speech class. Practice makes you better at what you do. Getting knowledge of the material helps to give you more credibility. A personal testimony can help the audience connect to you better and have a vision of what you are saying . It will be like reading them a bedtime story at night. Show confidence and look at your listeners in the eye and maintain that connection with them. Conduct yourself with poise and grace and increase your vocabulary. Be authentic and true to yourself. Find your true voice. Pronounce your words well. Study great preachers and orators. Eloquence and articulation will come.
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