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B2B Ideas for Starting Business

Postby skysnap » 12 Jan 2017, 06:13

Serving customer is not the only way one can make money through the business. Some of the time you can make money by selling to the other business. This model is known as business to business or B2B. This is one of the good business model especially if you are into product manufacturing. The other business that you serve will continue to buy from you as long as you have good relation with other business.

Here are some of the business ideas in B2B.

Book keeping / Accounts Consultant

Almost every business needs accountant. Even accountant among themselves make use of each other for filing taxes or handling clients. So book keeping and accounts are some of the best options for side gig. I have seen many people jumping from one career to another for handling accounts. There are some really good options for starting book keeping. You don't have to be full accountant here. Just log the cashflow as a book keeper. And that would also make money while working with other business. It may also prove to be more financially profitable in the long run.

Virtual assistant

Be it online or offline, there is a lot of demand for the virtual assistant. You can make a lot of money for being an assistant. You can make some consistent money through this type of work. In fact if you have large team of users working with you, this can make a good business. Also do note that such VA work can also help you get into multiple niche. It may not be easy work. But then again in any business, there is nothing like an easy business. You may want to work hard for this type of work though. Success here is dependent on how happy the client is and how many tasks you have managed to clear for the person.

Financial advising

Most of the business out there work on daily revenue basis. So you have to consider providing this service to these type of users. It is not easy to work with business and guide them on financial investment. But you can focus on their budget, cashflow, expenses and work on this. You also need CPA certification. Some of the countries also have license system for such advisors. And this way they are regulating the type of people who are into the system. You may want to check into this type of advisory, if you are into financial guide niche. This definitely can be a good career.

Graphic Designing

Almost every business needs logo design, flyer design, brochure and other graphic design work. And for them you can provide the service at reasonable cost. You have to work harder on retainer business. So this is not that easy. And you have to compete with many other in similar business. You also have to be innovative and good with art for this to work. I have found that graphic designing is harder task. Also you have to meet the right set of customer to make money. If that happens then this can serve a larger pool of other business.


There is a growing demand for the transcription work. Earlier only medical transcription used to be popular. Now a days many other business are also getting into transcription. There are some of the people who are doing the podcast and audio interviews, looking for transcriptionist. And they can tell you how lucrative it can be as a regular earner. But do note that this career has it's seasonal bumps. Because other business are not going to order daily from you. And some days you have to just sit idle and wait for the work or search for it actively.

These are some of the B2B ideas that you can try for getting some regular work. It may also turn out to be a good money maker if you have found regular customers. So these ideas are worth it in case of regular customers. You have to work harder to build on them.
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