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Affordable gaming headset!

Postby Daniel » 16 Jan 2018, 02:22

I have owned this particular headset for about 5 years and would have to conclude that it is of a very good quality considering the price. By default, this headset operates in your standard stereo mode, which sounds great on its own. If you go to Logitech’s website and download the driver software, you will unlock the ability to customize various sound levels, such as the mids, lows, and highs. I used it to increase the amount of bass since I enjoy hearing a fair amount of low frequency sound.

Now, what has really taken me back by this headset is the software that it goes with. When you install the software it automatically enables 7.1 surround sound, emulating a physical surround sound system....Continue Reading
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Re: Affordable gaming headset!

Postby mildredtabitha » 22 Jan 2018, 03:51

I just checked the link and I like the shape and design of the headphones. I think half the original price of $80 is still good. I was wondering if it prevents external noise. I mean no distractions while you are listening to your music.
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