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Resume theft of experienced engineers, domain investors

Postby niche » 28 Oct 2016, 00:29

India is the largest exporter of CEOs in the world , because competent hardworking honest engineers are forced to leave India if they wish to do well. If they remain in India, indian intelligence and security agencies especially NTRO, CBI allegedly bribed by large corporates like google, tata will steal their resume, and allegedly falsely claim that lazy greedy inexperienced mediocre goan sex workers, frauds are experienced engineers, investors online and offline to get all these mediocre lazy greedy frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with monthly salary.
More details at ... engineers/
So to avoid resume theft by the shameless fraud indian intelligence and security agency most engineers from top indian colleges are forced to leave India after they finish graduation, as the indian government refuses to investigate the NTRO, CBI officials involved in the resume theft racket.
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Re: Resume theft of experienced engineers, domain investors

Postby shamzblueworld » 07 Nov 2016, 09:54

That sounds like most of those conspiracy theories too, do you have any proof of these claims or is it just on those forwarded as received basis?
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