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How to Add an Image to Your Post

Postby Fergal » 10 Apr 2015, 17:59


To insert an image, click the "Img" tag / box at the top of your post (as shown above). Once you do that, tags will appear in your post as follows:

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Then place the URL of the image, inside those tags, as follows:

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It must be a direct link to the image and not a page containing the image therefore the URL should end with a image file extension such as GIF, PNG, JPG and not a an extension like HTML or PHP.

You can also add an image as an attachment. Click the "Post a reply" button and then the Upload Attachment tab as shown below:


Once you have done that you can "Choose File", then "Add the file". The file you attach can be an image.


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Reason: Updated to clarify that the IMG BBcode needs a direct link to the image
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