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Change to header links

Postby CyberFreak » 14 Mar 2017, 15:43

Recently, there has been alot of confusion in regards to rounding of FC totals where they were rounded to the nearest whole number when users earned fractions of a coin. It used to be if a user have a balance of 100.05, it would show as 100 ForumCoin. Making a post worth 0.25 cents would make that total 100.30 however rounded to the nearest full number it is still 100 ForumCoin. This caused users to believe they were not earning for some posts or that users only earn once per topic or other theories like that that are not the case.

Now, every users full ForumCoin total is shown in the header to 2 decimal places such as 800.35 which is 800 full ForumCoin and .35 of 1 ForumCoin. This means when users make a post in the Forum Games section or make a faucet claim, they will see a change in the header value on every occasion.

In order to continue to have the site display in mobile devices correctly, I have had to adapt the header slightly and this means that the "Search" link in the header has now be replaced by an image.

Hopefully this will remove any confusion that users had about what they were earning.
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Re: Change to header links

Postby WorkAtHomeGal » 14 Mar 2017, 20:52

I think this is a great idea and excellent thing to add to the forum. I like being able to just look at the top of the page and see the decimal. I did know where to check before though but seeing it on my main page and while I post is a nice bonus. Thanks :)
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Re: Change to header links

Postby sprite1950 » 15 Mar 2017, 08:57

I like this because many people don't realise that on some sections we don't earn a whole coin so they think that when their total doesn't move they haven't earned anything. Now they can see that they actually do earn on every post. :D
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Re: Change to header links

Postby Angie10 » 15 Mar 2017, 15:58

Thanks a lot for this explanation, CyberFreak...hopefully, this will make things clearer for everyone. It's funny because I thought I noticed the change when I loged in today, but then I thought I'd probably been missing it all this time LOL Good job!
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