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What makes a worthwhile post?

Postby CyberFreak » 07 Jun 2015, 14:50

Hello fellow ForumCoin members

There are alot of posts being made that are low quality and spammy. This is not good for the forum and we will delete these posts when we see them. Common examples of bad post are posts like the following

"Thanks I will give it try"
"Thanks mate"
"Please tell me more"

Also alot of users are just asking for payment proofs in every topic or repeating what other users. Posts thanking a user, just saying you are going to try a site (that many users say in pretty much every topic), posts saying that they are waiting for payment proofs are not quality posts.

A quality post is as follow
  • It must be different and add something to the discussion that hasn't been said already
  • Must be more than a sentence and not just a couple of words
  • Must be ontopic and not a thanks type post (that is what the reputation system is for) or a conversation about anything other than the topic being discussed
  • You posts must not be repetitive and must be unique. No copy and pasting and no reosting the same/similar posts to multiple topics such as always asking for payment proof.
  • Adding links in your post can be helpful to the discussion but if you are posting a link outside of the "Website & Link Showcase" section, please ensure it is NOT a referral link. Referral links are only allowed in the Website & Link Showcase and in users signatures.

Post as if you would if you were not being rewarded. Many users are posting low quality posts and posting rubbish posts just so they can earn when usually they wouldn't bother posting anything as they have nothing worthwhile to add. We will delete, warn and remove forumcoin from users that post low quality posts often so you will just be wasting your own time aswell as ours. You will not be rewarded for low quality posts in the end.

All users should also make themselves familiar with the boardwide forum rules - viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12
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