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Any drone flyers here?

Postby gautamdotcom » 19 Aug 2019, 11:32

I have a fascination for drones, seeing the fantastic video content that it can make and of course other social uses it can be put to use.

Does anyone here have flown a drone or professional certified drone flyer? Want to know for what purpose you are using it and its PROs and CONs
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Re: Any drone flyers here?

Postby Avian » 19 Aug 2019, 12:13

Interesting topic! I'm a fan of drones but unfortunately I don't have one yet, this year I invested in other equipment. A drone that would meet my needs is relatively inexpensive and costs around $ 1,500 here (there are also much, much more expensive)

The law has been changed and now anyone who owns a drone has to report, there are parts of the city where it is forbidden to let a drone in order not to endanger air traffic or near government agencies, embassies, etc.

I hope to buy it in a few months :thumbup:
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Re: Any drone flyers here?

Postby Allius » 19 Aug 2019, 17:39

[Moving topic to appropriate forum section!]
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Re: Any drone flyers here?

Postby mrki444 » 20 Aug 2019, 08:05

I controled few times drone and maybe I will get drone at work Worth about 1400$.
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