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Ray Guns in the medical field

Postby Alaskah » 24 Jun 2019, 00:03

Apparently, X-Rays are pretty limited as to what they can do in health care. This is why researchers are attempting to find a ray-gun method to not only use in the medical field, but perhaps for cargo inspections as well.

The only downside is that gamma rays can only be used at "specific energies".

However, I am still intrigued to see how it develops in the medical field. It could be very useful in certain emergencies where an X-Ray isn't usable.

Source: ... echnology/
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Re: Ray Guns in the medical field

Postby ptrikha21 » 10 Sep 2019, 15:24

Such a Technology would be quite useful. However, any side effects of various radiations would also have to be evaluated and handled appropriately.
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Re: Ray Guns in the medical field

Postby fergus1234 » 10 Sep 2019, 21:53

Isnt ray guns more of a weapons thing? I mean Tesla invented a death ray before he died? At least its now used for medical purposes.
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Re: Ray Guns in the medical field

Postby mrki444 » 11 Sep 2019, 19:06

I think there are already some mobile ray detectors on market.
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