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Look back to some of your old social media post when we are young.

Postby fergus1234 » 14 Sep 2018, 09:59

You may not know it but if you grew up posting in social networks, Please look back at some posts you did in the past. Someone I know got fired because something he posted when he was 12 years old haunted him back. He is 24 years old but yeah he started using social media at age 11. He don't remember it but he posted something racist on twitter when we was very young and suddenly got viral now he is an adult and guess what he got fired because of it.

SO if you started using social networks when you are young, look at some posts you did when you are young because something offensive you might have posted in the past might haunt you back.

I remember a celebrity who also got her career ruined because of something she posted as a teenager.
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