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Re: Into Regular Blogging these days

Postby arunima » 15 Mar 2019, 05:34

tusziget wrote:You can have success with your blog if you will manage to drive a bigger amount of traffic to it.Quality of the content is important, but promoting your blog as well.

Do you have experience with all these ? It would be good if you share and guide us here. I have one blog on personal journal on blogspot. i want to start one on my niche expertise and I want to moneitize it. I need guidance for that.
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Re: Into Regular Blogging these days

Postby ptrikha21 » 15 Mar 2019, 16:26

jobless dude wrote:If you are planning to earn from blogging, then start with a custom domain and link it with blogspot. You only need less than $5 to do that. After gaining enough visitors export to Wordpress with a plugin.

I might get in touch with you for more details. A good tip !

--- 15 Mar 2019, 21:57 ---

cinderella wrote:My blog is a few months old and though I can see some improvement in terms of traffic, I can say that I am going on a very slow pace. The main reason is the fact that I could not devote ample time to do what is needed. I wish you good luck with your blogging. If you could start with your own domain, you have to start it now. Personally, I used the amount I earn from my other online activities.

I have not purchased a domain, as I have plans to work in tandem with another person.

--- 15 Mar 2019, 22:45 ---

augusta wrote:I have a blog that I share my opinions and thoughts on issues with my readers. It can be very rewarding if one can also add a means of making to it. So yes blogging is another good avenue of making money online.

Yes but setting up blog to become a regular monetizing stream takes time and effort.
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Re: Into Regular Blogging these days

Postby skysnap » 16 Mar 2019, 08:02

I think you should own the domain and also maybe find hosting too. The reason being when traffic starts pouring in you can then monetize and also have your own as property.
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