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Re: Mining Bitcoin

Postby skysnap » 07 Dec 2018, 08:59

At this point, investing into crypto is only going to hurt the people. So avoid it as much as you can.
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Re: Mining Bitcoin

Postby A K Rao » 08 Dec 2018, 04:18

Apart from having a good mining kit , you need to have good know how, powersupply and management. Many a times at the final stages when one requires guessing the 'nonce', people often get failed there and that converts all the efforts futile.
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Re: Mining Bitcoin

Postby junrose123 » 08 Dec 2018, 06:44

I am not mining some bitcoins right now since I am just earning less from it which is not worth for my time.
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Re: Mining Bitcoin

Postby johnywalker » 08 Dec 2018, 06:53

If you want to profit from bitcoins, investing on bitcoins will be more profitable than mining. You can buy some bitcoins now and sell when the price improves
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