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Re: In the US prison is a business

Postby fergus1234 » 15 Apr 2019, 20:05

A K Rao wrote:
jackchun wrote:so low payment, how come people willing to be a prisoner ?

I am really surprised to know from your statement that people are ready to become prisners by the choice? I think they are the ones without any Morales... and they don't even deserve what they are getting there!

Umm its not their choice to be prisoners. They became prisoners because they got caught breaking the law.
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Re: In the US prison is a business

Postby Alexandoy » 15 Apr 2019, 22:06

cmoneyspinner wrote:There are a lot of government services that are privatized. The postal service and the prisons are the two that come to my mind immediately. I have used the public post office and privatized postal service. They're both about equal in reliability for delivery.

As for privatized prisons? I think one could debate that there are better and possibly cheaper ways to punish people who commit non-violent crimes. Personally I don't like the idea of privatizing prisons. Prisons are a public service. A public safety service at that. To me there are some things only the government should do. Like ... collect taxes, securely lock up people who violate the law, and maintain a military force.

Prisons should NOT be viewed as business opportunity. It's about crime and punishment. It should be an opportunity for service to the community. The person who committed the crime upset the peace and dignity of the community. They owe the community some sort of restitution.

Why doesn't the Government Law Enforcement Authority make the offender wear an ankle bracelet, pay their own bills, sleep in their own house, buy their own food, and perform some sort of community service?

Seems to be a more fitting punishment. That's my opinion. :crazy:

Over here the Postal service is already privatized and from what I heard it is losing money. I think there are other government agencies that are privatized but definitely not the prisons.
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