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The Joy of Expectancy in Business and Life

Postby virenkumar001 » 17 Aug 2018, 09:39

How is it that Mary, a teen-age virgin, was expecting to give birth to a child? If you were Mary, would you be thankful and joyful or would you be anxious and troubled? How in the world would the answers to these questions have any relevance in today's fast-paced business world?

Mary, as you may know, was pledged to Joseph as his wife. And suddenly, an angel of God, Gabriel, tells her that she's pregnant. Not only that, she is pregnant with the Son of God, who will save this world? Come on, Mary, who's going to believe you?

It's hard enough for some to accept a teenage single mother, but who would accept a far-fetched story like that? What would your fiancé do? What are the chances that Joseph would marry you now? She's carrying someone else's baby.

If that's not difficult enough, Mary had no input about the child in her womb. She had no opportunity to name him or to dream about influencing her son to be doctor or an engineer. Instead, she had to name him, Jesus, which means "save." After all, his purpose in life is to provide salvation to sinful people through his own death.

Now, Mary didn't know all this in advance, but she knew that instead of a wedding celebration she is getting morning sickness and instead of a honeymoon she has the stigma of an unwed mother. Yet, Mary not only accepted the challenge, she was joyful. We see her joy expressed in her song recorded in Luke 1: 46-55.

But why was Mary filled with joy? Mary was filled with joy for the same reason that we can be filled with joy, no matter what our situation is in life. Mary held three expectations that brought her joy. These same expectations can also bring us joy. Let's look together at what she expected.

First, Mary expected to have God's favor. If we want joy in our lives, we must expect to have God's favor also. Luke 1 26-33.

In verse 28, Gabriel greeted Mary with the assurance of God's favor. And when Mary was still troubled, Gabriel again in verse 30 reassured her that she had favor with God. To have God's favor is to have the benefits of God's approval and assistance in life.

Sometimes, we don't feel good about ourselves not because we don't think highly of ourselves, but because those who are important to us don't think highly of us. We never feel joy in our accomplishments or joy in our career or joy in our family, because our parents, our in-laws or whoever is important to us have expressed disapproval or disappointment in these areas of our lives.

If disapproval from people can rob us of joy, how much more the disapproval from God? Many people are feeling condemned because of something they've done in their past, and they have not experienced the forgiveness and subsequent approval by God.

There are people who have cheated in their business and in their marriage that are waiting for God to punish them. They have no joy in life because they expect condemnation and punishment rather than forgiveness and favor from God.

Yet from the beginning of the Bible God teaches us to expect His favor. After Adam and Eve disobeyed God, we expect God to punish them. Instead, God covers their shame. Then God sends Adam and Eve away, so that they recognize rebellion against God is not okay. God was not a permissive parent. God taught consequences.

Throughout the rest of the Bible, God initiates and renews relationships with untrustworthy and ungrateful human beings. If we read the Bible correctly, we would expect favor and not punishment from God. God assures us repeatedly.

Again, Jeremiah 29:11 reads, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord [GOD], "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
James 1:17 reminds us, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

Many Christians have quoted Jeremiah 29:11 and James 1:17 but they still live with negative and false expectancy about God. Romans 8:31-32 explains how the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is our assurance of God's favor: "If God is for us, who can be against us? [God] who did not spare his own Son [Jesus Christ], but gave him up for us all--how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?"

For those of you in the corporate world, how do you respond when you are warned about the uncertainty of your job? Instead of being anxious, are you assured that God would provide for you and your family? Do YOU expect to have favor with God? The Bible calls us to this biblical expectancy.

Expect to have favor with God, and you can expect joy to fill your life.

Second, Mary expected God to do the impossible. If we want joy in our lives, we must expect that God can do the impossible also. Verses 34-37

Many people live as victims of human circumstances or limitations. We are satisfied with will power instead of God's power. We limit ourselves to what science has discovered instead of believing that God can do the impossible.

Let me encourage you to expect that God can do the impossible. NO sinful habit so entrenched, no financial problem so big, no relational strain so difficult, that God cannot help us overcome.

More and more, I wake up expecting there is nothing that God and I cannot handle. The Apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:13, "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." And each one of you can have this same biblical expectation of God.

Hudson Taylor, a great missionary to China, said that God's work is done in three steps: Impossible; difficult; done. Pray to the God who can do the impossible. Plan to overcome the difficult. Persevere to get the job done.

By prayer, planning and perseverance. I simply expect that God can do the impossible.

Nothing is impossible with God. God can change our stubborn and unforgiving attitudes. God can change our impure and selfish motives. God can change our fearful and lazy habits. God can change our impatient and angry reactions.

Expect that God can do the impossible, and you can expect joy to be in your life.

Third, Mary expected God's words to come true. If we want joy in our lives, we must expect God's words to come true also. Verse 38.

Christians who expect to have favor with God and expect that God can do the impossible are not presumptuous, but confident in God. We are confident that God can and will do what He says He can and will do. Confidence without arrogance.
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We can have the same kind of expectancy from God's word. If God said it in His Word, the Bible, we can be sure He will keep His promise. God cannot and will not lie.
Expect God's words to come true, and you can expect to have joy forevermore.

Expectancy is something you can choose intentionally. If what you expect for each day and for your future is biblical, you will have joy every day of life, from now on into eternity. Pray to the God who can do the impossible. Plan to overcome the difficult. Persevere to get the job done.
By prayer, planning and perseverance. I simply expect that God can do the impossible.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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