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[new 2015]make money ClixVertz company like PaidVerts (PTC)

Postby darbaz18 » 05 Jul 2015, 00:51

hello dear members
in this explanation we will address to a new location specifications PaidVetrs

it is ClixVertz

Site remaining Ten days to start:

A good opportunity for those who loos the train PaidVerts ...

Profit will be like the way PaidVerts
Unlimited number of ads and different values
Starting from $ 0.005 $ 0.01 $ 0.5 $ 0.04 and even $ 10
Daily profit of $ 0.05 and up to $ 0.254
If you purchase announcement and upgrade your account in exchange for $ 1.05
The profit up to $ 0.70 and may be lucky and shows you the announcement of a $ 10 USD
Supported banks

payeer, nettler, paypal, bitcoin Solidtrust Pay perfectmoney Payza

register from here

then like in the photo


Then enter the information


Please enter your own bank addresses during registration to avoid problems

normal login no need for verification..

after login you will see the website still in working process , there is no ads yet..and will be released after 10 days .. we will wait for 10 days and begin earning money ..
but you can still deposit money or upgrade your account

signup from here
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