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Ermail Earn While Reading Emails :) [Referrals]

Postby cleotobias14 » 27 Jun 2015, 22:13

What is eRmail?


eRmail is a website that offer services and rewards utilizing the advertisement campaigns from the Companies, shares the revenue with its users who clicked or eventually read or viewed the Company's advertisement. This service is free and voluntary. It's only up to you if, when and how much you will want to earn. Of course, this service will not make you a millionaire, but it can easily earn you few hundred USD to buy, for example, a luxury gift or pay for your vacation.


eRmail you receive usually contains advertisement in a form of a text or an image that will inform you about current sales, news and products in the U.S. market. You will also get paid for it.

Everywhere you see the market flooded with advertisements and you never receive one cent for it. We are trying to change the way marketing works by paying You for reading the advertisements from Us.

5 reasons to try eRmail
There are at least five reasons to try service. One of the main reasons, however, is "Why let advertising agencies and agents make money when We All are the end consumers".

Thanks to eRmail you can earn enough in one year to go on vacation!

10 USD for registration.
Upon registration your account will be automatically credited with 10 USD. The registration takes only moments.

Up to 0.50 USD for each eRmail.
It is very appealing to imagine receiving 0.50 USD every time you open an eRmail that you receive from us. Just think, our Referral Program could allow you to triple that amount! This depends on the referral of friends, their friend’s referrals, and YOUR level. Thanks to an Upgrade and referrals, you can step by step work your way up and increase your profits. Imagine receiving 1 to 5 eRmails from us daily. How much can you earn in a year? Keep reading to learn more…

How about a 200 % increase in profits?
You can increase your profits by 200 % through our Referral program. Whenever one of your referrals reads our eRmail, you will immediately earn money without doing anything else. You can have up to 20 active referrals at once.
In your user account you can always see how much money your referrals have earned you.

Overview of discounts, news, products and services in the U.S. market.

Are you interested in News? Are you interested, for example, in wholesale discounts or special sales on electronics? Are you interested in other Products? Are you also interested in valuable Services or websites?


You will find News, Discounts, Products, Services and other interesting content you normally miss and often are not even aware of existing. will not only provide you with this information, we will pay you for it.

Up to 10 USD for each questionnaire

Filling out questionnaires on our website is another perfect way to make money. By answering a few questions, you can make up to 10 USD. The amount of your reward depends on the length of the questionnaire.
Questionnaires are totally anonymous.

You will get 10 USD right after registration
You will earn up to 0.50 USD for each eRmail read

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