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SweatCoin the healthy coin

Postby fistsworn » 27 Feb 2019, 16:32

So there's this thing called sweatcoin, it's an APP that pays you the eequivalent of 6 cent for 5000 steps. The steps must be done outside though.

There are various tiers, the free tier is limited to 5 coins per day (5000 steps).

The highest tier tat is currently available though is why I installed this APP, IF you manage to do 20k steps a day they'll reward you 1000$ PayPal.

You can buy tiers with the coins you make in-App.

Doing rounds as a security guard for me this is insanelly easy, highòy reccomend, they also ive you 5 SWC (sweatcoins, roughly 6 cents) per refferal, if you wanna join through my Refferal:
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Re: SweatCoin the healthy coin

Postby Amans1234 » 28 Feb 2019, 12:15

I have used this app and it takes a long time to earn acent.
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