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To the ladies, Wanted to give auditioning for a videogame a shot?

Postby fergus1234 » 30 Aug 2018, 02:35

The popular dating Sim, Huniepop is currently looking for aspiring voice actresses who wanted to try starring on a video game. Huniepop is an adult oriented videogame but it helped the career of many voice actresses. It helped Brittany Lauda book jobs for Anime,cartoons and other videogames. This game launched her voice acting career.

You just need to make a recording of you doing variations of female characters. This game will help you get connected in different voice acting studios. You will just to the recording to your home, so you won't be needing to leave your house. Experience is not really required, As long as you have a mic to record a demo reel of different characters you can do.

Oh you can use an Alias so your privacy is safe. This is where you can apply. :twisted:

This is a mainstream game that became so popular Youtubers streams it's censored version on Youtube. ... w/viewform
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