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eBonus - For Gamers ( + itunes and google play gift cards )

Postby Braids » 29 May 2018, 19:53


eBonus is a site where you earn coins mostly by watching videos and the rewards are gaming related stuff like steam wallet codes, Playstation cards, xbox live, etc...

The limit is 50 videos per day ( each video normaly give you 1 coin ) but you can increase that limit if after watch the 50 videos you do a offer in the offerwall. If you do that increase your daily video limit to + 50 for 3 days. So if you do a offer after watch your 50 videos your daily limit increase to 100 for the next 3 days and so can keep incressing it if you can do offers but offers is something that some people cant do , others dont regist etc...

They have a nice referral system and if you have 200 or more referrals you can convert your coins to money ( they say ).

Rewards are:

Besides gaming related stuff they also have Itunes gift cards and Google Play gift cards .

Payment was almost instant to me but took me sometime to reach the number of coins that i wanted ( around 6000 )

Payment proof


Btw, if anyone knows ptcs with good grids to make campaigns please let me know.
The clixsense grid used to be good but, as you know, dont exist anymore
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