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Re: Have you ever lost money?

Postby Alaskah » 01 Jun 2019, 09:13

I honestly don't think I have ever dropped money and completely lost it. I have lost it and whether it be a week or a month later, found it. But I can't remember a time that I've dropped any - yet.

sprite1950 wrote:I have also had countless notes stolen off me by a close family member .. that is somehow worse than dropping it in the street.

I have had this experience happen by one single family member several times though. So much to the point that I now hide money and other valuables. When I was living with parents, she actually took my mothers upgraded wedding ring from my father :wtf:

Definitely feels worse than just losing it - knowing that you worked hard for something and someone just comes along and takes it because they feel more entitled.
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Re: Have you ever lost money?

Postby leo1000 » 02 Jun 2019, 21:51

I haven't yet lost any money thank goodness for that.
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Re: Have you ever lost money?

Postby Joseph83 » 07 Jun 2019, 20:00

Yea. I have lost money couple of times. And it is painful
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